Who got his big break by becoming the first grand champion in the comedy category on “star search”?The correct answer is that only everybody loves Raymond star, Brad Garrett.

We all know the name of the actor after everybody loves Raymond. But this was just the start of his career. The more prosperous and successful was becoming part of his glamorous lifestyle later in life.

The Star Search Winner Brad Garett

The Star Search Winner Brad Garett

Brad Garett’s journey started in 1984. Brad Garett was becoming a grand champion winner of a comedy TV show. He won over $100,000 grand champion prize money. After that, his next appearance was in Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson.

At that time, Brad Garett was the youngest comedian in the show. But after the series, everybody loves Raymond. He no longer has to see back. He won three Emmy awards for his role of Robert Barone in Everybody loves Raymond.

Now, you know the actor Brad Garett is the answer for who got his big break by becoming the first grand champion in the comedy category on “star search”?So take a look at his acting journey and his achievements.

The Early Life Of Actor Brad Garett

The real name of this famous actor is Brad Henry Gerstenfeld. Garett was born in a respected Jewish family. He finished his early education at George Early Hale Middle School. After completing his early education, he went to the EI Camino Real High School.

From the year 1980, Garrett started working as a professional comedian. He started his journey from a famous comedy TV show. But after the Everybody loves Raymond Tv show, he is becoming one of the top few comedians on the TV shows.

And you know Brad Garrett got his big break by becoming the first grand-comedy-camera category on “star search”? The actor Brad Garett was the winner of the comedy category, and he won over $100,000 price money for the show. And after that winning, he got his big breakthrough.

Garrett’s Personal Life

Garrett’s Personal Life

The Everybody Loves Raymond show is a significant breakthrough for the actor. However, even his personal life is also attached to this popular Tv show set. Garrett proposed to Jill Diven on this tv show set. And in 1999, he got married.

The couple has two children, Maxwell and Hope. But due to some marriage complications, the couple got separated in 2005 and got under the legal divorce process in 2006. 

Garrett’s Achievements And Movies

From the Tv show, Everybody loves Raymond Gareet won over 3 Emmys. And this is just the start of his bright career in the comedy world. After that big breakthrough in the Tv show, he worked in several movies and Tv shows.

In many Tv shows, he worked as a voice actor. We can see some of the actor’s bright works in the City of Angels, Monks, and crazy ones. And many other popular Tv shows are also on the list. Brad Garett is one of those types of comedian-actor who is pretty rare to have. The versatility of the actor is the biggest achievement.

What Is Garrett Currently Doing?

Ever wonder what happened to Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond? The character was played by Brad Garrett and he became very popular among his audience. The best part is he is still very much into comedy and making people laugh.

He is quite popular in the stand-up comedy scene as he currently owns a comedy club in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. The club is known as Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club and is quite popular among the celebrities.

Apart from the stand-up comedy career, Garrett also acted in some series such as ‘Til Death (2006 to 2010) and Single Parents (2018-2020)! Re;rated to stand-up comedy, he has also done some fair share of work for Disney as well!

He is currently living in California and is related to various projects in Hollywood along with owning two labradors! He also works in the FOX comedy series, ‘Till Death” along with producing it! So maybe, he is actually doing good when it comes to establishing himself as a comedian!


Who got his big break by becoming the first grand champion in the comedy category on “star search”? The answer is Brad Garrett having his breakthrough after becoming the first grand champion from the Start Search. Brad gained fame and popularity after this show. He also works on many TV shows and movie projects. He is an inspiration for everyone. Many people are learning from his acting career achievements.


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