Did You Know the Net Worth of Actress Laverne Cox?

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Laverne Cox

Do you know who Laverne Cox is? Have you ever wondered how individuals and their identities can impact a whole community? Laverne Cox is one such individual who has the power and the authority to raise her voice against discrimination in the LGBTQ+ community.

When you see her, you realize she is one of the famous black women in history! She has worked hard to where she is apart from creating a supportive experience for other transgenders in the Hollywood industry.

In this blog, I share with you how actress Laverne Cox has not only worked towards creating a significant career in the entertainment industry but also spread awareness. She is currently working on several acting projects and writing books. Do you feel that Cox is as revolutionary as Tarana Burke!

It is also important for us to know how Cox has contributed to her career’s overall growth and development and helped others. She creates opportunities for individuals belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

Did You Know the Net Worth of Actress Laverne Cox?

Net Worth of Actress Laverne Cox

A testament to her influential presence and trailblazing spirit in the entertainment world, Laverne Cox is a beautiful 51-year-old actress in Hollywood. Apart from a significant career in television and movies, she has contributed to society’s wellness. Very much like Tarana Burke, Cox has been quite vocal in helping people!

Cox has actively pursued equality and authenticity regarding the treatment received by individuals belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. She is not only focused on her ambitious career but also contributes to the overall social awareness of the LGBTQ+ community and their welfare.

As an outspoken activist, she has not just won awards but also made the people of the industry aware of the capability and talent of a transgender person. She proves again and again that gender has nothing to do with one’s performance, skill, ability, and intellectual sharpness.

Do you know what Cox is doing right now in her career? Do you remember Cox in the popular series Kacy Duke, who is a personal trainer and life coach for high-end clients? Duke created a polished version of Anna Delvey, the infamous grifter who used her strategies to reinvent herself.

Early Life

Born on 29 May 1972 in Alabama, Laverne Cox was raised by her grandmother and her single mother! Cox also has a twin brother, M Lamar, who looks identical. She grew up in AME Zion Church along with her grandmother and mother.

She was 11 when she attempted suicide! Cox had a difficult childhood because she was bullied as she was unable to act masculine enough. Later, she attended the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham for her primary education. Remember, Rosa Parks? Well, it is because of the mother of Civil Rights that Cox, a black person received rights.

Cox started with creative writing; however, later, she fell in love with dancing, so she transitioned into it! She attended Indiana University Bloomington for two years and then transferred to Marymount Manhattan College, where she started studying acting!


Laverne Cox started her career with appearances in the “Law & Oder” episodes and the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. When did she come into the limelight? Her appearance as a contestant in the VH1 reality TV show “I Want to Work for Diddy” in the first season was significant.

After this, VH1 approached Laverne Cox to create a show for herself, leading to the makeover series “TRANSorm Me”! She is the first black transgender person to produce and star in her show. Did you know Cox was a model featured in several campaigns and publications?

Let me share that Cox posed for an annual “Rebel” issue of V magazine! The beautiful and brave actress also posed nude in the yearly issue of Allure called “Nudes.” she was the first transgender actress to pose.

What more? She also achieved a milestone by appearing on the cover of British Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, and Time. It is a thing of pride for her and her people that Cox appeared in the New York Fashion Week show headlines for e-retailer 11 Honore in 2019.

Did you know that Cox has acted in movies, namely Musical Chairs, 36 Saints, Grandma, Can You Keep a Secret? Charlie’s Angel reboot, Promising Young Woman, and Bad Hair? These movies are a step forward for Cox, who works quite hard to create a safe space for the transgender community in the entertainment industry.

The Big Breakthrough

The Big Breakthrough

So, when did Cox’s big breakthrough happen? “Orange is the New Black,” a popular Netflix series, gave her the breakthrough she deserved! Widespread fame was waiting for her, and after 2013, Cox earned multiple Emmy Award nominations. Playing the role of transgender prison inmate Sophia Burset, Cox received so much love and accolades.

Her character has layers, as she was a former firefighter in the series! Over the seven-year run, Cox won hearts. Did you know that she was the first transgender person to receive a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in the series?

She also won the Screen Actors Guild acting prize two times as part of the show ensemble. The show “Orang” is the New Black” resonates with Cox and with many people because of its diversity in the truest sense possible, from sexual to ethnic to gender.

Through this series, Cox gave voice to the transgender community and made others aware of their lives! When we talk about her contribution to society through her roles, we cannot ignore her activism towards social awareness and welfare related to the transgender community!

Activism and Advocacy

She has been involved in LGBTQ causes, as Cox has been prolific in her active awareness and contribution to social status. In 2014, a campaign was organized against an Arizona law that Cox participated in. Cox has worked with other activists such as vice president, Kamala Harris!

The law made it possible for a lot of people and the police to target transgender women of color in the streets. She raised her voice against these practices and policies, making them possible. Furthermore, she also collaborated with the ACLU and other trans figures to create a video detailing political resistance and trans history.

Cox has received numerous awards, namely the Claire Skiffington Vanguard Award from the Transgender Law Center, the Stephen F. Kolzak Award from GLAAD, and an honorary doctorate from the New School. 

Net Worth of Laverne Cox

If you are wondering how much Laverne Cox is worth, let me share it with you. She is an American actress, television producer, and reality television personality with a net worth of $6 million. She started her career in television but has also been quite active in representing movie performances.

Even though she started her career long before “Orang” became the New Black,” her “character, Sophia Burset, brought her into the limelight. This increased her market value, especially when she received several awards, prizes, and respect!

We cannot forget that her acting career is not her only earning resource! Cox is a model; hence, working in the modeling industry is also a source of income. As a tireless activist, Cox also helps several institutions and organizations that provide access to basic human rights, gender identity, and orientation.

She is currently the most popular actress not just because of her performance but also because of the support she caters to others. When you see Cox performing on screen, you will feel like she brings a combination of wit, talent, and hard work.

Finishing Off…

In short, Laverne Cox is a brave, beautiful, and strong woman in Hollywood who proved that gender does not matter when it comes to talent and capability. Did you realize how important it was for a transgender individual to reach an ambitious and powerful position to bring change in society?

You must also realize that she has used her voice to bring change in society by creating awareness, fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, and working towards a better future.

Comment on which movie by Laverne Cox is your favorite and why!

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