Popular Singer, Coco Lee Of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Fame Dies At 48!

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Coco Lee

Coco Lee, an American Singer, died on Wednesday after her suicide attempt left her unconscious. The famed singer and actor fought depression and sought professional help; however, it was not enough for her condition.

She died at 48 in the Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong on July 5, 2023. She committed suicide on July 2 in her home; however, when she was taken to the hospital, the staff and their doctors tried their best to save her but with no success.

Her death was announced in a Facebook post by her sisters, Nancy and Carol, informing the singer’s fans about her suffering from depression and how it impacted her life. They appreciated their sister’s struggle and requested everyone to involve her in their prayers.

Coco Lee Died at 48

She was born in Hong Kong but moved to the US as a child, which helped her maintain equal fluency in English and Mandarin. She released music albums in English and Mandarin, leading to immense popularity.

Lee debuted with two Mandarin albums in 1994, both of which became hits. The famous singer released an English language-based album and another in Mandarin the following year. People remembered her for her bright smile and hard work.

She has been in noticeable movie projects like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” where she performed on a film soundtrack. She also gave her voice to the lead character “Mulan” in the Mandarin version of Disney’s popular film Mulan.

Also, she struggled as rumors of her separation from her husband Bruce Rockowitz, whom she married in 2011, surfaced in the last few years. They had two daughters from Rockowitz’s earlier marriage. Lee has never confirmed the rumors of the split, not Rockowitz yet.

She did post that it has been a challenging year and she is trying to overcome challenges in a post a few months back on a social media platform.

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