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Make Your Business Greener
Ideas to Make Your Business Greener

When you’re running a business, and you want to make that business a little (or a lot) greener than it already is, there are a number of ways this can be done. It will depend on the business itself as….

BY Arina Smith
Soft Skills
Job & Career
The 10 Most in-demand Soft Skills to Acquire in 2021

Undoubtedly, respectable credentials and top-class degrees are essential. However, the growth of soft skills is a demanding part of fostering an unstoppable workforce. And just so we’re clear, soft skills aren’t as smooth as you think. They can make or….

BY Arina Smith
Self Storage
Home Improvement
8 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Self Storage Space

Self storage is a helpful service for all kinds of domestic and business customers. Whether you are moving abroad, starting a business, or downsizing for retirement, self-storage offers you a secure, flexible space for your belongings until such a time….

BY Arina Smith
paper folding machines
What’s fold is new again: how businesses can benefit from paper folding machines

Last year, the UK sent a total of about 9.99 billion letters. Though this is part of a continuous decline in the number of addressed letters, 10 billion letters is an unfathomable amount. The decline is, in part, down to….

BY Arina Smith
Successful Online Store
Core Components Needed For A Successful Online Store

Over the last twenty years, our shopping habits have changed considerably, with consumers moving increasingly from traditional brick and mortar shops to online stores. Indeed, through 2020 alone, internet retailing is expected to have generated around $4 trillion – with….

BY Arina Smith
Business Intelligence
Why You Need to Use Business Intelligence for Growth

Is your company about to embark on a digital transformation journey? Do you struggle with data processing such that decisions are delayed affecting company operations? Then, you may want to consider Business Intelligence (BI). Especially in our current digital dispensation,….

BY Arina Smith
Employee Recognition Awards
5 Major Benefits Of Employee Recognition Awards

Have you ever thought about how seriously your company’s leader takes the employees’ morale? If employee morale is not on the list of priorities, your organization might be in deep trouble. Numerous studies show that a positive work culture helps….

BY Arina Smith
Office Relocation
How Most Employees Feel About New Office Relocation

When Google upgraded the Googleplex in all its nap-pod-bedecked splendor, the world still saw coffee stations as rewards rather than necessities. It was 2010, and most offices were downgrading to cubicle farms. The massage services and gourmet cafeterias at Google’s….

BY Arina Smith
Control Overtime
How to Control Overtime More Effectively

Mention the problem of overtime in most offices, and you’ll see a couple of mouths smirk and a few HR heads drop. It’s a difficult issue to solve – especially in larger businesses in which hundreds of employees are regularly….

BY Diana Williamson
Fleet Management Software
What Is A Fleet Management Software And How Does It Work

Fleet management is a fundamental part of the business of any company engaged in vehicle rental or transportation of goods. It has a major impact on the operating costs of companies that own many vehicles. Therefore, today it is impossible….

BY Arina Smith