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Why You Need to Use Business Intelligence for Growth

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Business Intelligence

Is your company about to embark on a digital transformation journey? Do you struggle with data processing such that decisions are delayed affecting company operations? Then, you may want to consider Business Intelligence (BI). Especially in our current digital dispensation, having a software tool that addresses your company’s growing data analysis demands is worth the effort.

BI tools facilitate the preparation, analysis, management, and visualization of business data. This can help your business understand consumers, predict market behavior, and track operational performance.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence

So what is business intelligence, and why the fuss about it? BI is a fusion of applications, technologies, tools, and practices that help businesses accumulate, evaluate, integrate, and present unprocessed data into accurate and insightful business information. Meaning it gives you a clear view of your business data by removing inefficiencies and adapting to market changes. This knowledge helps companies in making smart business decisions.

What’s more, BI consists of knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) or data mining, analytical processing, queries, and reports. The right BI solutions will unearth more data, provide precise analysis, and facilitate smart decision making. BI in our current market is a game-changer if utilized efficiently. Companies that handle a chunk of data on a daily can benefit significantly from it.

Platforms like Tibco, an enterprise-level software company, help customers unravel the prospect of real-time data in decision making, with an Intelligence platform that connects any application or data source and unifies data for greater access.

The Benefits of Business Intelligence for Growth

Business Intelligence for Growth

Every business has unique requirements to operate. This means BI can be used for different outcomes depending on a company’s needs. Making smart data-driven business decisions is a competitive advantage that every business should aim to have. Below are some other reasons why BI could be what your business needs right now.

1. BI offers a smart and expedited decision-making process.

BI helps businesses in strategic decision-making. The primary purpose is to organize your company’s information correctly and then analyze it. BI tools produce recent data, provide real-time reports, allowing managers to monitor their organization at any given time.

BI transforms your business data into something more organized and understandable. This means it processes data in a much more simplified way, enabling you to make quick and comprehensive decisions. Your decision world is based on solid facts rather than assumptions.

2. BI enhances workforce productivity.

Business owners can have real-time data on business operations through automated reports. A successful BI setup enables companies to efficiently improve their customer service relationships by facilitating consumer data access. Having a thorough understanding of your clients’ needs and behavior patterns can influence business decisions in a direction that will help grow your company.

BI also facilitates company data integration by assisting employees in acquiring essential information needed for work productivity. Furthermore, BI tools can also help track budgets and give optical insights on business health, financial data, and possible problem areas.

3. BI offers a good return on investments (ROI).

The benefits already mentioned above will only result in one thing—increased revenue. This is because BI (through visualizing trade cycles and assessing total revenue) significantly improves sales key performance indicators (KPIs).

Since every company’s priority is to make a good return on investments, BI’s ability to analyze bulk data could improve customer experience and sales efficiency. It also enables them to ask salient questions on consumer behavior, identify the current trends, and better understand their competitors. They can also determine weaknesses in their operational activities and sales.

4. BI offers a better future for your business.

With BI, your company gains a tremendous competitive advantage in that you have enough data to understand and predict market trends and purchase patterns. You can use such information to create a plan for your company, making your path clear, your operations informed and specific, and ensuring optimal resource utilization.

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