In case you have seen a Facebook pop-up message on your smart device that is showing pname com Facebook orca is not functional and has stopped, then there is the probability that you are going to the search engines to look for a solution to this solution that is extremely annoying. Do you have the hopes of solving this issue on pname com Facebook orca today? In this write-up, you will find the much-needed solution for what you really need to solve this problem.

In this article, you will have access to an explanation of the info that relates to katana and pname com Facebook orca error.

Do you know what pname com Facebook orca means?

pname com Facebook orca


Basically, pname com Facebook orca is the nickname of the package of the Facebook messenger app on each smartphone. Without any complexities, this folder belongs to the messenger application of Facebook. Typically, this folder acts as a storage destination for all videos, plugins, audios, files, cache, and images from this application on your device.

Do you understand pname com Facebook orca?

There is a possibility that there exist alternative folder that is called com Facebook katana. Basically, this folder is found in the Facebook application. And similar to this orca folder, the folder of katana comes automatically after a successful installation of Facebook on the device. Just like other folders, katana should not be the source of anything to get worried about.

Is it malware?

Pname com Facebook orca is not malware.

This folder is not a virus or malware at all. It just a folder like any other folder in the market; it generates automatically immediately after installing your Facebook messenger app on your smart device. For this reason, you do not have to get worried and become suspicious of anything.

What happens when pname com Facebook orca stops?

Most Facebook users are faced with this issue. It is quite irritating for users when it is time to deal with this pop-up message that shows that it has stopped Facebook. A lot of people ignore this message after it comes to the screen but it is advisable to realize that it is not the desired solution or choice.

Since this error will keep coming over and over as the message will keep coming, you need to get ready to handle it eternally.

Can you delete this folder?

No, it does not help to delete this folder because even if you delete it, it will automatically regenerate and errors will start coming up again. For this reason, it is crucial to leave it on the device memory and handle it.

What is the use or importance of pname com Facebook orca?

Pname com Facebook orca is very crucial when you got the desire to retrieve Facebook messages which had been deleted or a conversation from the messenger app that was deleted erroneously. You can just access this if you are doing it from the pname com Facebook orca folder.

Therefore, you need to know that pname com Facebook orca is irritating but very helpful when you want to retrieve deleted conversations of Facebook messenger. One of the most crucial utilities of this folder is that it will restore your conversation files in one folder. For this reason, this folder consumes a lot of space on the device as compared to the other folders in the device.

How do you fix this once and for all?

clear data


You need to start by going to the settings option of the device. Get to the applications option the snap on all apps option. Locate the Facebook app and clear data. After this, restart your Facebook app.

By following this process, it becomes possible to solve it because it involves deleting the data of the messenger app. You need to reset the app and you will no longer face this error.

What if you encounter the same error?

uninstall facebook


You can follow another procedure to solve this issue and see if you will succeed. For this reason, all you have to do is to uninstall the app on your device and restart it. You can then download a fresh application from Google play store and install it. The error will be a thing of the past and the device will be clear.

And if you do not know the procedure of salvaging deleted messages and conversations while using the pname com Facebook orca folder, you will access the procedure to follow when you want to retrieve deleted messages from the messenger app.

Ways of retrieving messages from the orca folder

The messenger of Facebook has so many subterfuges that only a few individuals understand and it is yet an opportunity of identifying the mistakenly deleted conversations from the chat platform. What will you do?

There are a lot of ways you can use to recover deleted texts and conversations from the messenger application. Nevertheless, you will learn the use of the pname com Facebook orca folder to recover deleted conversations. Follow the steps below.

  • Get to the file explorer option on your device. It will help you have access to all folders on your device. In case there is no explorer on the device, go to the file manager or download it from the app store.

file explorer


  • After installing, open the explorer and start with the SD card. You will get the android file that contains data that relates to apps. Open the data folder that has all submissions. The orca folder is here and belongs to your messenger. Open it.

Open the data folder


  • It is time to get to the orca folder on your device. In the cache folder, you will find the FB temp folder. All copies of backup files of the messenger are a hare, and it is possible to retrieve the info you want for the group and individual texts you had in the app.


fb temp folder


  • You have to know that it is possible to retrieve your data without the use of the file explorer app. All you need to do is to connect the device to the computer with the cable and locate the orca folder and then proceed to the folder to retrieve data. The above procedures will provide the much-needed understanding when it comes to clearing pop-up errors and you will once again use Facebook on your device.

clearing pop-up errors


Conclusion :

Since you have all info, you possess all it takes to clear your phone of the pname com Facebook orca error. If this problem continues, it is advisable to seek technical advice from technicians.

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