The thriller series, released on Paramount+ this Sunday, is all about a special force. Here Zoe Saldana plays the character of the special forces unit.

In this case, the Special Ops: Lioness follows a CIA operative whose boss pairs her with another young Marine. Their objective for this is to create an anti-terrorism mission. The creator of this series is Taylor Sheridan, who is also the creator of the series “Yellowstone.” He is mainly inspired by the Lioness program, which the U.S Military uses.

Are you staying abroad and want to stream the “Special Ops: Lioness” series online? If you are not able to stream this series on Paramount Plus because of a lot of annoying regional prohibitions and restrictions. Then there is an easy solution.

In this case, you can download a VPN, which will allow you to stream the series online. This is a simple bit of software that can change your IP address which means you can easily stream any on-demand online content or any Live, no matter where you are.

Special Ops: Lioness is streaming now on Paramount Plus. The first two episodes were released on July 23rd. Are you waiting to stream online episodes on Paramount + for free? In this case, you can enjoy the free trial for just one week to two episodes of the entire series and some additional episodes as well.

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