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Service Tips from Our South Florida Pool Builders

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

South Florida Pool Builders

If you have a pool, there is no question that at some point you will need to have it serviced. From repairing a torn liner to making sure your pipes and pumps are working properly – a pool is an investment that requires a certain amount of care and attention.

And while our South Florida pool builders can assist you with any type of service need, there are some things you can do as a homeowner to make sure your pool is operating at its best.

Service Tips from Our South Florida Pool Builders

Service Tips from Our South Florida Pool Builders

If you are a homeowner with a pool, here are some service tips that can help you troubleshoot problems and prepare your pool for all seasons and potential service needs.

1. Maintain Appropriate Water Levels

It is important to maintain appropriate water levels in your pool to ensure that it operates properly. Water loss is natural when it is hot outside or when there is little rain. Be sure to check your pool water level regularly.

2. Manage Pool Filter Use

On average, a pool filter should run between 8 and 10 hours during the peak swimming season. You want to keep the water circulating through the hottest times of the day. Using your filter system throughout the year can minimize the amount of time you need to use it during winter or “off” seasons.

3. Check Your Skimmer Baskets

Check Your Skimmer Baskets

Your skimmer baskets collect debris that falls into the pool. This can be anything from leaves and pine straw to dead animals and trash. You should empty your pool skimmer baskets at least once per week to ensure that it works properly. Letting debris back up in the skimmer can cause your system to work sub-optimally.

4. Check Your Water Chemistry

All pools require proper water chemistry in order to function properly. You should check your water chemistry once per week using an at-home test kit. If you don’t feel confident doing this, you can also have your water tested at a local pet store. Keeping your water chemistry in balance prolongs the life of your pool equipment and helps maintain the integrity of the plaster and liner.

5. Check Equipment

Your pool functions using a variety of equipment. From skimmers to filters to pumps. It is important to routinely check this equipment to make sure it is functioning properly and is not damaged. Something as simple as an o-ring or gasket being broken can compromise the functionality of your pool.

6. Clean Your Filters

If you have a cartridge or other filter, it should be changed every four months. Keeping your filters clean and changed regularly prevents buildup that can compromise your pumps and equipment. It also helps ensure that your pool water is safe for swimmers.

7. Prevent Freezing

Prevent Freezing

Some pools are installed with freeze protection, but not all systems have this. Check your system or talk to your contractor to see if you have freeze protection in place. Water flow should never be shut off to valves when the temperature drops below freezing. Keeping a steady flow of water in the pipes prevents freezing.

If you have a pool that seems to be operating poorly or equipment seems to be damaged, the best thing to do is call a South Florida pool builder to assess your situation. Keeping up with routine maintenance can definitely help prevent serious problems with your pool. Follow the seven tips above and keep records so that you know what’s going on when you do need to call for service.

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