Many homes have trees in their yards. In fact, the trees often have sentimental associations as they have been there for years. Trees may have been climbed by parents and children, giving them spaces to play and create fond memories.

Trees can also look beautiful and give valuable shade. However, there are times when you need to be wary of the stunning tree in your garden. For example, trees with large limbs will expand across your boundary. You will need to keep them trimmed in order to avoid annoying your neighbors or damaging their property.

In fact, this can be a serious concern in bad weather when trees are likely to suffer limb loss and damage other people’s houses.

The other issue that is often overlooked is the damage that tree roots can do to pipes. IF you think this is an issue you are going to need to contact a reputable plumber Sydney.

Identifying A Tree Root Issue:

Tree roots in pipes will cause a blockage. The first sign that you have an issue is when your sinks and other appliances start to drain slowly. If it is just one appliance then it is an issue with the specific drain. But, if all your appliances are affected then the issue is in your main sewer line.

The easiest way to find a clog is to use a sewer camera. This inserts into the pipes and shows you what is inside them, it will quickly locate any clog. However, if you have trees in your garden and you know where the sewer pipes go, then you can establish whether tree roots are the issue.

In general, the tree’s roots are the same diameter as its leaves. If the branches are covering the area where the sewer pipe runs there is a good chance the roots are in your pipes and causing the blockage.

How do Tree Roots get Into Pipes?

How do Tree Roots get Into Pipes?

Trees need water and a variety of nutrients to survive, in the same way, that all plants do. Unfortunately, your sewer pipe contains water and nutrients, making it the perfect option for a tree that wants to flourish.

Roots generally start slim and get thicker. This makes it easy for a tree root to slide through a crack in your sewer pipe and then grow inside the pipe. However, even if there is not a crack the roots grow around the pipe until they pace it under enough pressure that it cracks and lets the roots in.

They then grow inside the pipe and clog it.

Preventing & Dealing With The Issue:

You may not realize you have a root issue until your water drains slowly. At this point, the professionals can help you to identify and fix the issue.

If you insist on doing it yourself you are going to need to dig up the pipe and then either repair or replace the damaged section. It is generally easier to replace it. Of course, you will also have to cut the tree roots to ensure they won’t attack the new pipe.

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