Solo Travels: Subtle Ways Your Life Will Change When You Travel Solo

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Solo Travel

“An adventure may be worn as a muddy spot or it may be worn as a proud insignia. It is the woman wearing it who makes it the one thing or the other.” –Norma Sheer

There has never been any doubt that traveling is an avenue to reinvigorate yourself and your soul.

It helps us disconnect in order to connect with ourselves better through introspection. However, if you truly want to do some serious life reevaluation by doing self-examination, you would fare better if your travel excursion is done by your lonesome. Travelling alone has never been an option for many solely because it is a daunting prospect to many. Solo travels are not for the faint of heart, but it is a life-changing experience that every single one of us should endeavor to do at least once in our lives. However, while traveling alone might sound like an intimidating prospect, you would soon find how liberating it can be. After all, you would not have to rely on another person’s input as to where to eat or to find the hotels in taguig City and the like.

Furthermore, it pushes you out of your boundaries and encourages you to explore not only foreign places to see, but aspects about yourself that you were not aware of as well. In the ensuing travel ruminations, you would soon make realizations and discover more of your capabilities. Indeed, traveling alone fosters independence and cultivates autonomy. Apart from those, here are the ways your life will unexpectedly change should you choose to take a trip by yourself:

You will become more creative 

Having no one to rely on but yourself forces you to think out of the box—especially when it comes to little travel snags that would compel you to make a decision. Moreover, if you spend quite a lot of time traveling the world alone and immersing yourself with the world around you, your creative spark will have more elements from the world to draw from when it comes to seeking inspiration.

It will make you more employable 

You may think this is actually a farfetched idea, but this is actually true in one way or another. In these days, your potential employers would no longer look for the things you learn inside the four walls of a classroom. Rather, they are more interested on what you have learned, how you have changed and adapted to new environments as well as how you conquer and hurdle challenges. Traveling alone can help you with that.

Improves your mental health 

Apart from mitigating the possibility of developing mental health disorders and ailments, traveling can also help those who are struggling with mental health issues. Seeing the world and getting lost in its splendor would encourage you to push through what seems like an endless pit of despondency. Once you discover more of the world’s beauty and what it is you are truly capable of, you would see a life worth living indeed. Moreover, traveling alone helps you grow as a human being and inspire you to turn your life around simply by taking charge of it.

A chance to detox from technology 

Today, it seems like we are perpetually connected online and glued to our smartphones. We tend to check every notification we have on whatever social media platforms we might possess. In this regard, we fail to appreciate the beauty of nature in favor of routinely checking emails and the like. Traveling helps you take a detoxifying holiday from all those. The next time you travel, bask yourself in the picturesque scenes and marvel at the wonder of nature. Experience the world with your senses and not through the lenses of your camera phones. Really—that selfie can wait until later.

Makes you more comfortable in your own skin

Being by yourself for a majority of the day impels you to be comfortable in your own skin. You make decisions based on your own autonomy and in a way, this helps and encourages you to be more confident by just being by yourself. Majority of the people tend to avoid being alone, but when you travel solo, you will embrace being by yourself.

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