4 Signs of Elder Abuse You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Elder Abuse

Your parents looked out for you when you were a vulnerable child. If they have caretakers or live in an assisted living facility, there may come a time that they’ll need you to return the favor. Elder abuse is an unfortunately common occurrence and is a legal matter that you need to take seriously.

In this regard, you first and foremost need to understand the signs of elder abuse. Consider the tips below so that you know which signs to look out for.

Don’t Ignore These Signs of Elder Abuse:

The worst thing you can do is ignore the signs. While it can be difficult to detect, elderly abuse does have some common signs that you should keep track of.

Elder neglect is so important to stay on top of, which is why people turn to attorneys at The Law Office of William W. Hurst when they need legal assistance.

With this in mind, these are the signs that you will want to talk about with your lawyer:

1. You See That Your Loved One’s Needs Aren’t Being Met:

Neglect is one of the most common forms of elderly abuse. Caretakers that fail to bathe, feed or otherwise assist your loved one in a timely matter can be held accountable for abuse.

It is especially important to be mindful of whether their needs are being met if your loved one has a long-term disability that requires special care.

2. They Have Bruises, Scratches or Other Marks:

When your loved one is constantly having scratches, bruises or other marks, it may mean that they are being physically abused.

Start taking note of their condition and checking for these marks. Ask your loved one how it came about, and don’t be afraid to bring it to the attention of their caretaker in order to get some clear answers.

3. Consider Financial Exploitation:

Unfortunately, a number of people use scams to financially exploit the elderly.

Be mindful if your loved one is talking about some sort of investment or other matter that someone is trying to get them into that sounds too good to be true. People often prey on the elderly because they are sitting on retirement checks, and might be trusting of a friendly disposition.

4. Make Note of Their Psychological State and Sensibilities:

Emotional abuse in the form of intimidation and verbal insults is also a common form of elderly abuse.

Make note of your loved one’s temperament and their overall mood. The best thing you can do is have regular conversations with them, and spend as much time as possible so that you can gauge when something feels off.

Give Your Loved One the Assistance They Need:

When you take heed to the signs of elder abuse, it’ll be easier for you to put together a case when needed. The more that you know about this form of abuse, the better equipped you will be to take action if litigation is the logical next step.

Consider these tips and check back for more family and parenting information.

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