The 5 best life-changing wellness holidays in 2019

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As we move towards the close of 2019, it is important that you take some time to reflect and make decisions that will improve your personal life, especially in the area of health and wellness.

Work and daily routine have made it possible for most people to take a break from the hustle-bustle of life, and this has led to a variety of health issues. Thankfully, taking some personal downtime and going on a much needed holiday can help resolve a lot of these health-related issues.

If you are looking for the best place you can go to for a life-changing wellness holiday, take a look at the following ideal destinations.

1. Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

It is a well-known fact that yoga has a lot of health benefits. This ageless practice is one of the secrets of perfect health and longevity associated with the ancients of the Far East. While it is okay to practise yoga in your home or in yoga parlours close to you, taking a much deserved holiday treat to Absolute Yoga Sanctuary in Thailand will do you a lot of good.

Situated at the bottom of a mountain thick with vegetation, this is the ideal place to unwind, practise your yoga classes, and connect to the inner you in peace and quiet.

Absolute Sanctuary offers multiple yoga classes every day and allows guests to refresh and reinvent in their infinity pool. When it comes to life-changing wellness, this is one place to visit.

2. Santani Detox, Sri Lanka

If you need somewhere you can go to be isolated from the outside world so that you can connect and be in tune with the inner you, Santani Digital Detox in Sri Lanka is the perfect place.

The first thing you will notice in this deluxe detox is that modern technology is banned in public places. This is in tune with the policy of isolation from the grind of everyday life so that gets can concentrate on the wellness process.

At Santani Detox, guests can practise yoga, take long meditations, and also get involved in physical activities like hiking and mountain biking. There is also a custom meal plan and spa treatments, all guaranteed to clear off negative toxins and clean your body and mind.

3. Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat, France

Located in the heart of the French Alps, Quintessence Sports and Health Retreat is the place to be when you need personal moments with nature so that you can revive your mind, body, and soul.

The French Alps can be an awe-inspiring place, particularly for first-time visitors, and the journey overwhelming if it is your first time abroad, but with a combination of first-time travellers tips and the warm welcome by the retreat managers, you will feel at home in no time.

This retreat boasts a bespoke programme that includes custom meals, fitness activities, spa, and outdoor activities. You can also make new friends in this retreat, gain new experiences, and free yourself of all the clutter that troubles your life.

4. Revivo Emotional Balance, Bali

We all face emotional challenges in life, some of which can cause physical and mental health issues but fortunately, these challenges can be handled in a place like Revivo in Bali, Indonesia.

Having the right mindset is key to creating positive changes in life, and at the Bali resort, you will be able to determine the root of your emotional challenges and rediscover yourself so that you can achieve the right frame of mind to handle the issues of life.

Revivo makes use of a wide range of holistic therapy including Reiki healing techniques, Chakra, yoga, and daily meditation sessions. Even a short stay will help you learn how to channel your energies in a positive way so that you can achieve inner peace and emotional stability.

5. The Barai Spa, Thailand


Barai Spa is located in the charming coastal town of Hua Hin in Thailand. This is one of the best destinations for health and wellness holidays in Thailand. Barai Spa offers guests a unique combination of traditional Thai massages with modern spa therapies.

The spa is also renowned for its 2-hours caviar facial, a highly successful spa procedure for rejuvenating dull skin. There are just so many interesting therapies and activities in this place that will revive your body and spirit so that you can go back home healthy in body and mind.

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