The ‘Shady’ Styles of 2018

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read January 4, 2019

Shady Styles

Maybe there will come a day when everyone on the planet wears sunglasses, all of the time.  It sure feels like that is the way this 100 billion-dollar industry is going.  How many pairs do you have already?  As many as your shoes?  As many as your handbags?  Sunglasses are the great 21st Century accessory.  Maybe we’re more worried about the sun, possibly even more dangerous in winter when it’s low and shines directly into your eyes or maybe it’s another kind of protection we’re after.  Poker players and cops wear them, so their feelings won’t be betrayed by their eyes.  Sunglasses don’t just shield us from the sun, they shield us from close contact with the outside world.  Or maybe we just love the whole romance of a great pair of shades, they transform us and the more styles you’ve got the more characters you can play.

Sunglass trends move so quickly it can be like try to catch laser beams but let’s consider what’s been in vogue this year.  Tinted lenses in pastel colours have lent an Alice in Wonderland vibe to lightweight shades.  Oversize has hit every style you can conjure, extreme cat eye, oversized sports.  Retro is always of the moment and white shades have been, literally, big this year.  Even nerdy clip- ons have made a stylish comeback.  Here then are four of the year’s big looks for you to enjoy.

Sports Sunglasses:

Sensible, maximum UV protection, often mirrored, they are great for skiing and snowbound activities but that’s not why the likes of Kim Kardashian have been wearing them.  Oversized sports eyewear, ‘sport meets ugly’, ‘the athleisure look’ or whatever you want to call it has been a super popular style this year.  Not for the shrinking violet, this style yells ‘Look at me’.  If you are comfortable with that, then go ahead and enjoy.

Octagonal/Hexagonal Sunglasses:

If you caught the UK’s most popular show ‘Love Island’,  soon to get a US makeover and described as ‘quality trash TV’ and ‘like Bachelor in Paradise on steroids,’ you may also have clocked twenty year old London bar maid, Georgia Steel looking far cooler than she should in a pair of Ray-Ban hexagonal sunglasses with brown polarised lenses.  Ray-Ban also offers these as a prescription version, so maybe she really did need them to pick out her next beau. Those folks across the pond just love their oct/hex glasses and they’re pretty popular here too.

Aviator Sunglasses:

The shades for which the word iconic was invented.  They are so retro, so trendy, if you don’t have at least one pair in your collection, put that right at once.

Cat Eye Sunglasses:

Marilyn Monroe showed us just how sexy cat-eye shades can be.  Get as quirky as you like, oversized and decorated or super skinny.  Get that slightly jokey urban girl look and decide just how subtle or fashionably eccentric you want to be.

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