It's that time of year again when you open up the boxes at the bottom of the closet and pull out your summer clothing.

The problem is that last year's clothes are wrinkled and out of date. Even if these clothes were hot commodities last year, they are now fashion relics.

Men in the US spend $87 million a year on clothing. Less than a fifth of that money is spent on summer-specific items.

Whether you want to expand the whole wardrobe or just hit the essentials, we have you covered. Pay attention to these tips on men's summer fashion to get yourself noticed in the right way when you hit the streets or the beach.

Men's Summer Fashion :

Don't fret, the best summer looks for guys don't require a lot of time or money to construct.

Follow these three basic guidelines for finding yourself an up-to-date and in-style day or night.

1. Let it Breathe

Fabric choice is crucial to men's summer style. What looks good for the rest of the year, like wool or tweed, won't work for you in the summer.

Nobody looks good when they're dripping sweat. Wet stains on your clothing ruin even the most put-together look.

Chose fabrics which provide that appropriate combination of lightweight and water wicking properties. Silk and linen work great. They provide a touch of class while maintaining temperature control.

Cotton and seersucker keeps you cool and deals with moisture. These fabrics provide comfort and stop you from looking like you just got out of the shower.

Fabrics that dry quickly let you transition from the waves to the patio in minutes while changing nothing.

Looking for some ideas on classic looks with easy maintenance fabrics? Click here for the best in form-fitting gear with maximum style.

2. Be Bold :

Now is not the time to color match the environment and keep it underplayed. Men who care about summer fashion get their bright colors and bold patterns out. Show the world that you can be a little loud and still play it cool.

Don't fret the lack of layering and different accouterment which denote men's fashion in other seasons. Summer gives way to patterns and colors to set you apart.

Find things that match your skin tone, bring out your eyes, and accent your hair.

3. Stand Tall

Take both of the previous and apply them to the footwear. Add in a bit of diversity. Think outside the sandal and find some comfortable slip-on loafers and canvas shoes.

These simple looks stand out as the mark of casual class. No matter where you decide to socialize for the day, an understated canvas shoe will take you there and get you noticed.

Socks are optional, or you can opt for the classic no-show. Don't be afraid to flash some ankle and show off the tan.

Stay Current :

Do you want to turn heads year-round? Make a great first impression with your fashion!

Don't stop now. Summer only lasts so long, so get more ideas outside of men's summer fashion to last the whole year at our fashion blog.

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