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Sexyy Red Posted A Sex Tape On Instagram Story: Attention Seeker Alert!

author-img By Rishab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Sexyy Red Posted A Sex Tape On Instagram Story_ Attention Seeker Alert!

On October 4, Sexxy Red became the talk of the town after her instagram story featured a sex tape of her. The issue became quite viral on social media platforms such as X, previously known as Twitter.

Even when the tape was removed soon, and she deleted it, the recordings of it trended! People posted recordings of the explicit tape with their reactions to it; they did not realize that they were ultimately making the Sexyy Red more popular.

Last week, she made a comment that put a bad light on her! In a recent interview that aired on October 3 on the This Past Weekend podcast, she claimed that Donald Trump should be back as president! She praised the former president by stating that he had won the hood!

According to her, he pardoned black prisoners and gave out stimulus checks to people; hence, everyone in the hood was quite happy with the former president and wanted him back in the Oval Office.

Initially, she felt that people did not like Donald Trump because they passed off remarks that were racist and demeaning against women. However, over the years, Trump has done some significantly good work.

Many Twitter users share their perspectives concerning how they realize all this is a distracting strategy for the remarks she passed! She is trying to override the scandal she is in already after her Trump comment about her sex tape.

They doubt that Sexyy Red leaked the explicit tape to distract people from her previous week’s comment! This approach covers up the issue created once she explained herself as a Trump supporter.

Many people are stating that the diversion tactic will not work on people as they already have identified that the trump statement is a huge goof-up that will not be covered with skin show and manipulation.

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