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The Office Reboot Is Confirmed Now That The Writer’s Strike Might End

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

The Office Reboot Is Confirmed Now That The Writer’s Strike Might End

The co-creator of The Office series, Greg Daniels, confirms that there are reports of the series rebooting! With the Writers Guild of America coming to a probable settlement with the AMPTP, the representative of streaming and film houses in Hollywood, many high-profile series and films are in the works!

It was in the Sunday Newsletter, which confirms that WGA is on a probable path of ending their strike! It ensures that the projects that have been stuck from before the strike. The Office reboot is one such show!

It was Mathew Belloni, the Puck journalist, who confirmed the reboot by stating how the ending of the strike means a bevy of shows, series, and films will be lined up, including Greg Daniels’ The Office.

However, no immediate response has been received regarding the reports from either NBC or Daniels. In the past, The Office reboot or a spin-off of the show has been suggested or proposed by fans and the higher-ups in the game who actually have a hand in doing the reboot.

The first report of a spin-off of the show was announced in 2008, which revolved around the breaking off of a copy machine, which was then shipped back to Pawnee in Indiana. However, the spin-off portion was cut from the show; instead, it turned into the “Parks and Recreation” series!

In 2012, “The Farm,” another spin-off based on the character Dwight Schrute, portrayed by Rainn Wilson, who ran his bed and breakfast beet farm, was shelved. It has been a long time in the making, but something has always come up, stopping it from happening!

The chairman of the direct-to-consumer and digital enterprise of NBCUniversal, Bonnie Hammer, during the launch of a streaming service, ‘Peacock’ expressed his wish of how it was his hope and goal that the production house do an “Office reboot”!

Now that it is happening or has a chance of happening, we can’t keep calm! The middle management has been involved in this process for a long time; however, we still need to wait for his confirmation.

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