Internet is the 21st-century thing and Google, along with other search engines, has fueled its growth in such a way that now this technological innovation creates a significant influence in almost every human life. Studies show that Google registers over 246 million visits and approximately 3.5 billion engagements daily. From this angle, it is easy to anticipate why online businesses and digital marketing companies swear by Search Engine Marketing (SEM) practices. One of the most excellent examples of this is the search engine ads.

In 2000, Google launched the paid marketing platform – AdWords, which soon became a rage in the field of Per Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns that targeted increasing customer base through clicks. In 2018, AdWords became Google Ads incorporating some crucial changes over the old product. Some of these include:

  • TrueView: Helps you increase conversions while providing greater control on the budget.
  • Parallel tracking: Loads the landing page faster by pushing other things to the backend.
  • The navigation Allows you to edit your task for better results.
  • Ad Manager: Improves accessibility to analytics and target audience through suggestions. Also, it enables businesses to remain updated about new market trends by connecting them to BigQuery Data, Analytics, etc.
  • Cross-device tracking: Gives you a peek into the sources of traffic to your website.
  • Click share: Shows you the effectiveness of your particular ad campaign by measuring the number of clicks it generated against the Google predictions.

Since it can make a massive difference to any brand, the companies would need to improve their SEM game by learning about their customer behaviors. Some online studies show about 40% of businesses plan to boost their PPC spends because of its impact on their ROI.

However, experts predict countless challenges in this path for advertising companies for the current year. They have to tackle with the problems of ad blocks and make a variety of efforts from now on to derive benefits. Here is a list of most of the things that can arguably impact your SEM initiatives for good, before moving on to the main points in detail.

  • Shifting focus from keywords to the target audience.
  • Moving away from text ads to responsive search ads.
  • Using multiple channels for advertisements, such as website, social media, and mobile ads.
  • Tapping into video advertising (there has been a 30% rise in its popularity in 2018 from the previous year, and it is expected to continue this streak.)
  • Optimizing voice and video searches.
  • Including powerful messages in Ads.
  • Benefitting from PPC automation.

Voice search

The use of voice search in search engine marketing is going to be a critical aspect. Voice searches already form about 20% of all the Google searches that take place on mobile devices. According to a reputable media measurement and analytics firm in America, the percentage is expected to increase to 50% by 2020. And the way it is happening today, you can only be more precise about the trend. The intelligent personal assistants are getting more refined over time to decode complex human speeches.

Therefore, the growing comfort of the users with the voice commands is an indication that brands need to rediscover and evolve their advertising and marketing campaigns to benefit from the series of searches based on the spoken word. Digital marketers have to design their PPC strategy based on the voice searches for more relevant targeting of the new users.

Live video

Live video

Live video can be another cornerstone in the SEM trends. Digital marketing experts have to bank on live demos and tours, and interactive chats to help customers see the brand and its products and services in a different light. And this effort can feature on other content platforms also, such as social profiles, blogs, and so on.

However, even a general video marketing campaign can be fruitful. One of the American IT and networking giants upholds that videos can bring about 82% of online traffic by 2021. So, whether you are planning to create a standalone video with a specific content piece or a live video, you can rely on its effectiveness as a potential brand awareness and visibility tool.

Call-to-action content

Patterns show that content that keeps user occupied and encourages them to participate in action is getting more popular compared to the conventional static ones. Quiz, polling, calculators, and clickable infographics seem to work better than a static advertisement. That’s why interactive content can be another catalyst in recent SEM trends.

The online marketing gurus believe that these types of content not only inform customers but also help you make them aware of your brand and win their loyalty. If you can use it in advertising campaigns, you can push back your competitors for some time.

Social media

Social media

Social channels are another place where SEM professionals can expect to create magic. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and other such networking platforms get users in millions and billions. In the US, seven out of ten people use a minimum of one of the social channels. Hence, search engine marketers will not like to miss out on them. Increasing ads time and budget on social platforms can prove beneficial from many respects, one of which is the ability to be diverse to attract customers from different sources.

Ad blockers

The rampant use of PPC ads may not have created as much trouble for your business as the advertising blockers, such as AdAway, Adblock Plus, etc., can expectedly do in the upcoming times. You can anticipate its significance by observing how Google and others have started providing an option to mute a particular advertisement. The only possible way to deal with it is that you should make valuable ads and do not disturb your customers much.

If you want to make most of these SEM trends, then make sure to do two things – divide your target audience into relevant groups and create appealing ad campaigns. It is perhaps the most efficient way of handling ad blockers.

Since search engine marketing is a specialized field, you can consider going through the route of Social Market Way SEM Advertising or some other to make the most of your budget and efforts.

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