How to Make A Promo Video in 8 Easy Steps

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I don’t know about you, but I, myself, am constantly digging. I refuse to ever give up on my brand’s dream. That’s why I’ve remained so successful. I never cease and desist that constant thought to find more info on all things marketing. That’s why once I learned just how simple it is to create your very own promo video in 8 oh-so-simple steps, I could hardly contain myself.

Indeed, with a promo video packed with just the right content that represents your brand alongside some powerful editing tools, you’ll go from inexperienced to full-time professional filmmaker in no-time-flat.

So, in this post, we’re going to figure out the solution to saving yourself some extra labor as we define what a promo video is. Plus, we’re going to uncover the 8 painless steps you’re going to take to get the perfect promo video.

Let’s take a closer look at this awesome marketing strategy.

What Exactly is a Promo Video?

What Exactly is a Promo Video

A promo video is just a short, promotional video that you use on social media or email marketing to get people excited about your product or service.

Promo videos are typically 1-2 minutes long and they’re usually posted on social media as well as through email marketing campaigns.

They’re designed to create hype around your brand and get people talking about the product or service you offer.

Typically, these videos are used in conjunction with other types of content such as blog posts, but they can also be used alone. As such, there are many different places where a promo video can be used and it’s best to mix up its placement.

Okay, So What Will a Promo Video Maker Do, Then?

First and foremost, a promo video maker is a piece of software that allows you to create, edit and then publish your videos very easily.

That’s why when you’re ready to create your own promo video, this is the perfect piece of software that can create all types of promotional videos for you. It also allows you to find and use all the best stock footage available.

Plus it gives you the opportunity to add music from your choice of royalty-free soundtracks. Promo video makers are also very easy to use and they’ll show you how to do everything from start to finish.

How Do I Make My Own Promo Video in 8 Simple Steps?

No matter what you’ve got going on with your personal life as well as your current stance in the marketing world, it’s inevitable that video marketing is here to stay. This is why we must venture onward towards new endeavors. Not to mention, we need to do things nice, quick, and simple.

How Do I Make My Own Promo Video in 8 Simple Steps

Let’s take a look at the incredible key to success:

Step 1:

It’s crucial that you first choose whether you’re going to do the whole video yourself, or if you’ll be hiring someone else to do it for you.

The most professional way to go is to hire a professional video production company to do it for you. But if that’s not an option, let’s look at some ways that a promo video maker can help.

Step 2:

While it can be very simple, all promo videos need a clear message and a call-to-action at the end of them. The call-to-action will usually say something like “BUY NOW” or “WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN MORE.

Step 3:

Record Your Raw Footage, and head to a video maker app. You’ll be able to upload your video, images, and any other forms of personal content via a promo video maker webpage. You can perform a quick Google search to uncover the many available options for a promo video maker.

However, my personal favorite happens to be offered by

Step 4:

Go to your promo video maker webpage, upload all of your raw footage. Then, choose the elements that you want to focus on. You can also add text, logos, and text overlay this way.

Step 5:

Go through the templates offered by your promo video maker and find one that you like. Then, tweak it so they fit your brand, and next, search for royalty-free music to overlay it with.

Don’t worry about music copyright issues when using music from a promo video maker. They’re all safe to use without worrying about permissions or fees of any kind.

Step 6:

Combine your music and video together to create a final edited video.

Step 7:

Rendering is the process of taking your final edited video and turning it into a file. More importantly, it’s also how you make sure you don’t have any viruses. while sharing your promo video on social media and email marketing campaigns.

Step 8:

Once your video is rendered, you’ll be able to upload it to the social media platform you’re using it for. You can also turn around and share it with potential customers via email marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, 8 easy steps to create the perfect promo video.

The main thing here is that you’re not just creating a video to get backlinks for your website.

Just ensure that you do everything in your power to create a high-quality video. Make it so it resonate with people and gets them excited about your brand and service.

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