Best Safety Tips For You Against Radiation When Using Your Phone

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Radiation is detrimental to your health. You can find a lot of things around you that emit radiation. The most dangerous is the one that you continuously use- your mobile phone. These tips will help you stay protected from radiation since you cannot decide to throw your phone away.

Keep it at a distance For Radiation:

Make sure that you do not have the phone next to your ear all the time. If you have to call many people for several minutes in one day, you need to use a headset. You can also turn the speaker mode on. The impact of radiation starts to decrease for every two inches that you place it away from your ear.

Do not use your phone when the signal is weak:

The problem when the signal is weak is that your phone will try its best to capture it. As a result, the radiation starts to intensify. Using your phone during this instance is too risky. The signal is usually weak when you are inside a high-speed train, elevator, or in remote locations.

Do not carry your phone close to your body:

Try not to keep your phone close to your body at all times. Placing it inside your pants or bra when you are walking or doing physical activities is dangerous. Even when not in use, your phone will continue emitting radiation.

Do not sleep next to your phone:

Try to keep your phone away from your body if possible. Some people make it a habit to place their phone close to them when sleeping. Again, even when not in use, your phone will emit radiation, and sleeping next to your phone for several hours could place you at significant risk. If you need to have the phone as an alarm clock, you can set it in airplane mode.

Use phones with a cord if possible:

You need to use corded phones like landlines when you are at home or in the office. They do not emit radiation, unlike wireless devices. It is safe to keep them close to your ears when calling. You can use your phone for personal messages and when you are outdoors.

Choose to text:

If possible, you can avoid calling by choosing to text. You can also limit your messages to stop using your phone all the time. It also helps if you decide to use emojis and short text versions that are comprehensible. Do not text or call when there is no reason to do so.

Buy protective devices:

You can check out EMF protection products that you can wear or keep in your bag to stay protected. They are affordable and effective in blocking radiation. You can purchase them online too if you are unable to find one in a local store. They could prevent radiation from entering your body. Even when you are sleeping, you can have these products next to you.

These tips will help protect yourself against possible health risks due to radiation.

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