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In our busy lives how many of us sincerely go for regular eye check-ups? Doctors will always recommend you to visit an eye specialist once every 6 months. It helps you to know the condition of your eyes and also keeps your eyes healthy and fit. The irony is most of us know that, but we don’t follow that. The kind of lifestyle we all are living nowadays makes it extremely difficult for us to go for routine eye check-ups and slowly and gradually it’s ultimately our eyes which suffer.

Nowadays everything is available online, even eye check-ups. All you need to do is book an appointment online and once you are done booking an appointment, you can search for the best specs frame and place an order. But, we often fail to do that as well because of the time constraint.

Even then, there is one thing which you can do even when you are working to give some rest to your eyes for better eyesight and healthy eyes are yoga. Yoga does wonder to not only our body but to our overall health and it includes our eyes too. Here, we will talk about a few yoga tips that you can follow on a regular basis to take care of your precious eyes.

1. Rub your hands, make it warm, and cover your eyes :


Feeling tired already? Want to relax a bit? Then all you got to do is rub both of your palms together. The friction between your palms will create some heat and then place your warm palms on your eyelids. Don’t put a lot of pressure. Keep them lightly on your eyelids and feel the warmth of your palms. Repeat it for 3 times and you will feel relaxed in no time.

2. Blink often :

Everyone goes to an office and works on their system for a long time. It makes our eyes restless and really tired. Not just office, even in our home, we often stare at our laptop and mobile phone looking for different kinds of things on the internet, whether it is for some apparels or contact lenses price. We are always engrossed in our laptops and other similar devices.

Give your eyes a break every now and then. The first yoga exercise that you can do no matter where you are is blinking. Take out a few minutes from your work and now open your eyes completely, start blinking 10 times and as quickly as you can. Close your eyes after that for about 20 seconds and repeat the same again. Do this regularly and if possible for 5 consecutive times. Doing this often will help your eyes to relax and will also help you to focus better.

3. Stretch your eyeballs :

This is another good exercise which will help you to feel relaxed. Sit in a normal position. Now, move your eyeballs from right to left and then left to right but slowly. Do it for a minute. After that move your eyeballs from top to bottom and vice versa for another minute. Rotate your eyes all over, first clockwise for a minute and then anti-clockwise for another minute. Keep your head and neck straight. This increases the blood circulation in your eyes helping you to feel better. Do it once every day.

4. Let’s focus :


This exercise not only helps you to feel calm but it also improves the eyesight as well. Sit comfortably, take out your right hand and make a fist, now open the thumb and keep it straight and keep it at a 10-inch distance from your eyes. Look at your thumb, try to focus for around 10-15 seconds. After that slowly shift your focus to any of the objects which are 10-20 feet away from you. You can do this exercise 5 times. Doing this will improve the health of your eyesight and is a great exercise to feel energized.

Let’s focus

Just a few simple yoga exercises can do a lot of good things to your eyes and eyesight. We do get time to check our WhatsApp messenger and Facebook, why not do something which is indeed good for our health? It won’t take a lot of time and in return, you will feel rejuvenated and energized.

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