What Role Do Hot Flashes Play In a Healthy Pregnancy

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Hot Flashes

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. But no woman experiences it the same.

Every pregnancy is different, especially when it comes to how it impacts the body. Just the fact that a woman is pregnant is a miracle!

Proving that the human body is an amazing creation in itself, women will find their bodies undergoing significant changes throughout the pregnancy to help the baby grow inside the womb and develop to its full potential.

One thing that many women say they experience is hot flashes pregnancy symptoms. This is when their bodies get more dramatic in temperature regulation and your insides can feel like they are an actual oven on fire.

To any woman, this comes as both a surprise and sometimes even nerve-wracking. But the truth is, hot flashes during pregnancy are completely normal And they play an important role in ensuring you have a healthy pregnancy.

Here is everything you should know about hot flashes and how they help your body keep your baby growing and developing inside you.

Gives You That Pregnancy Glow

Hot Flashes

One of the perks of experiencing a hot flash is that your skin will likely be flushed, giving your skin a radiating glow that many other people would die for.

While the main purpose of a hot flash is not to enhance your skin, it does offer this positive symptom and is one of the best things many women look forward to about being pregnant.

A natural and radiant glow is something we all strive for and is a physical signal to those that are pregnant that the body is adjusting and regulating the body temperature as needed to help your baby get one step closer to being born.

Signals Your Hormones are Adjusting

There is never a dull moment when it comes to pregnancy. Your body and your baby’s body are constantly adapting and changing in symbiosis. So it is normal for your body to adjust your estrogen and progesterone hormones on a whim.

This is actually a really good sign that your body is able to make a quick adjustment. It is also normal for the hormone levels to continue to fluctuate after giving birth, as your body will once again need to adjust to no longer housing a baby within.

Reminds You Life is Brewing Inside

Hot Flashes

When you experience a hot flash, you will get a taste of what it is like to experience menopause as well. Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms when it comes to going through menopause—and signal the end to be able to grow life within.

Having hot flashes during pregnancy is a great reminder that your body, as amazing as it is, will not always be able to grow life inside. And to make the most of every second. The increase in body temperature usually only lasts a few minutes.

Confirms Your Third Trimester is Approaching

By the final few months of pregnancy, your red blood cell count and regulation will change. In fact, it has been found through studies that pregnant women undergo an increase of blood by about 45% during the last few months leading up to birth. And obviously, with more blood volume will be a higher heart rate.

This then changes your cardiac system and increases your metabolic rate. All these then cause your body temperature to rise more, giving you that flushed and warm feeling throughout your body.

Suggests Checking Your Habits

Hot flashes can also be a reminder to stay focused on good and healthy habits throughout pregnancy. There are actually many external triggers for hot flashes as well. This can include drinking too much coffee, eating really spicy food, or feeling extremely stressed or anxious.

Women who are pregnant should focus on staying extremely hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day, finding time to relax and calm the nervous system through yoga or meditation, and eating natural foods that do not upset the body.

If you feel hot flashes coming on in an irregular way or think that a hot flash has become a consistent fever, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

It may very well be that there is also something going on that needs medical attention. So when in doubt, talk to your trusted doctor so they can give you an expert opinion.

While each pregnancy will differ, hot flashes are likely something that every woman will experience at some point throughout the experience.

So enjoy the glowing skin and warm sensations. It is a beautiful reminder you are growing life within you.

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