4 of the Best Hair Removal Methods

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Hair Removal

For millions of women, the battle against unwanted hair is a constant one that requires hours of time, dozens of products, and plenty of discomforts. However, hair removal doesn’t have to be a huge point of contention in your life. With the right hair removal methods at your disposal, you can choose a plan of attack that’s right for you.

4 of the Best Hair Removal Methods:

Try These 4 Methods:

When it comes to shaving, most women aren’t aware of the options they have. And rather than research all of these different methods, they stick with the one they know – even if it’s painful, uncomfortable, and time-consuming.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s a list of some of the different options you have and why you should reconsider your shaving routine.

1. Shaving (the Right Way)


If you do choose to use a traditional razor to shave, it’s important that you use the right techniques and products. Here are a few helpful suggestions:

  • Always shave in the shower. Not only will you make less of a mess, but the steam and hot water will soften your skin and make it easier for the razor to glide across.
  • Work with the grain of the hair. This will prevent painful snags and lead to a smoother finish.
  • Stop using razors with three and four blades. While they may seem more powerful, they actually do more harm than good. In addition to snagging hairs, these multi-blade razors often shear off the top of the skin. This enhances irritation and can cause bleeding. Instead, go with a single-blade razor. It’s cheaper and, more importantly, offers a less irritating shave.

Shaving takes time – and must be repeated regularly – but it does the trick. If this is what makes you most comfortable, go for it!

2. Sugar Waxing:

Sugar Waxing

For those who would prefer not to shave every day or two, waxing is a long lasting hair removal solution. But rather than pay for an expensive and painful treatment at a spa, you can do your own at home.

Sugar waxing is a hair removal treatment that’s been in practice for centuries throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It’s just now become popular in the United States. It involves making a sugar wax – which is comprised of sugar, water, and lemon juice – applying it to the skin, and peeling it off. It’s safe, inexpensive, and highly effective.

3. Laser Hair Removal:

If you’re tired of continually worrying about body hair, laser hair removal may be the ideal option. It safely destroys the hair follicle at the root and provides long-lasting results. It’s especially useful in hard to reach areas, like under the arms.

“To make sure laser hair removal is effective and targets the growth phase, clients need to have multiple treatment sessions spread out over a series of weeks,” Laser All mentions. “That gives the body time to rest and allows the laser technician to target hair follicles in the growth stage.”

5. Depilatory Cream:

If you’re looking for a simple hair removal method that involves no pain or irritation whatsoever, a depilatory cream is your best bet. It’s a specially designed formula that breaks down and removes hair without the need for any blades or razors. It typically provides a smooth surface for two or three days at a time.

Embrace Your Natural State:

While some women shave because they prefer the look and feel of smooth skin, others shave out of social pressure. If you’re someone who shaves simply because it’s a cultural norm, perhaps you should reconsider. As beauty blogger Yvette Montoya explains, this doesn’t have to be an either/or issue. There’s plenty of gray area for personal interpretation.

“Surprisingly enough embracing my body hair isn’t actually about the hair – I still pluck what’s left of my eyebrows, wax my lip and shave from time to time much in the same way I straighten my curly hair when I want to mix it up,” Montoya writes. “For me, it’s been really about saying ‘no’ to the forces that have determined that my body is designed for and must always be presented for male pleasure.”

Whether you want to shave, use an alternative hair removal method, or forgo hair removal altogether, you have options. Do what makes you feel good and spend less time worrying about what others think.

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