Congratulations! You are into the second trimester of the pregnancy and seem that everything is working out quite well with the pregnancy. This week you are feeling a lot more in control especially because it is possible that some of the symptoms you were previously battling such as morning sickness are gone or have eased a little giving you some relief. The first trimester symptoms tend to be more frustrating and if you are lucky during this stage, you will find it much easier to enjoy the pregnancy.

First Trimester - The Perfect Time To Start Shopping:

This week, you should consider going shopping for suitable maternity clothes since it is now evident that you are pregnant and your clothes are tighter around the waist. You actually might not be fitting into your old clothes anymore and the more you force into them the more you will end up looking funny. You can find very stylish maternity clothes to meet with your preferences thus making it possible to look amazing even when the bump is growing giving you an entirely new shape.

At 16 weeks pregnant, you are definitely going through other kinds of symptoms even though the previous ones seem to have improved. It is expected that you by now have that wonderful pregnancy glow and looking brighter and more beautiful. The increased flow of blood to your skin and hormonal changes are responsible for the beautiful skin glow you have now and you are lucky that acne did not find its way to you since this is another problem that most women will be fighting during pregnancy.

The baby is developing well and is actually moving around the uterus and bending legs and arms. If you are keen enough during this week, you will manage to feel the baby movements in form of tiny flutters and gas bubbles even though this is something that is bound to change in the coming weeks leaving the movements stronger. You can have an ultrasound safely done during this week to give you the chance to see the developments that your baby has made and even have the chance to see all the movements and facial expressions the baby is already making.

The Beginning Of The Second Trimester:

Even though during the second trimester covering this week the risks of miscarriage are reduced, it is important that you keep off the things, which are known to trigger this occurrence. They include alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy lifting as well as medications. If at all you need to take some medications for whatever reason, ensure that you consult your doctor and only take what he has prescribed for the situation that you are going through.

It is also important that you keep up with a good diet regime at 16 weeks pregnant since the baby is still fully dependent on what you are eating. A well balanced and healthy diet is recommended but you can also take extra vitamins and supplements to ensure that the baby gets all the nutrients and minerals essential for proper development now and throughout the pregnancy.

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