For me, it has been a cherishable experience to visit Manali and a privilege to see a marvel like Manali visually. A place like Manali is an excellent terminus of beautiful territories for a person’s assessment of fun. The assemblage of huge and magnificent mountains and crystal clear river water which made the city attractive is precisely what makes Manali remarkable.  If you anticipate having an amazing experience, then I must suggest you should visit Manali at least once in a lifetime.

We planned a five days expedition to Manali.  So to make this plan a success, we booked a cab from Delhi to Manali and the trip commenced. We stopped at Karnal and enjoyed the weather along with a hot cup of tea and some hot breakfast. All the way long, the weather was constant and cloudy. Later that time, we decided not to stop and march ahead. The next stop we reached was Kullu, a glorious place and a visual treat to watch. From Kull, Manali was 30 minutes away and we reached Manali in the next 30minutes. The road from Kullu to Manali was pleasing and mesmerizing. The way from Delhi to Manali was so magnificent that we made a prediction that our destination would be a heavenly hearth, indeed it was true. After we reached Manali, we boarded a Hotel inn and stayed there for that remaining day. The next morning we reserved a Cab from Savaari's Manali Taxi service, and our road trip continued. We enjoyed the scenes and sceneries on our way to Manali. Firstly, we went to Solang Valley, which is between Beas Kund and a village in Solang. The valley is a charm in itself and travellers, and the local people are all enchanted by it's redeeming yet Marvelous glamour. All of us went down to the snow point in the Solang valley, where we rode horses and did some fun paragliding there. We revived ourselves completely. Those are the activities exclusively available for the tourists of all age groups who come to visit Solang Valley, that's the sole reason that made me more passionate to visit it. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then I must suggest you people should visit Solang Valley, which makes your heart run a little faster and makes the hormonal adrenaline rush a little quicker.

On the same day, our chauffeur suggested that we cover the Rohtang Pass, the beauty of the landscape left me captivated. I just whorled up on my seat as it began to freeze with every accumulative meter on the altitude scale. However, when I started to stare outside from the vehicle, I just could not take my eyes off from the charm that the nature of Rohtang holds, which is completely rapturous. From my experience of visiting the Rohtang pass, I can say it was indeed an incredible experience, so close to nature. I recognized that amidst those mountain summits concealed with snow, it was a magnificent escapade of Gigantic peaks and splendid and straggling landscapes. There was some sort of magic in the white snowy scenery where silence echoed a thousand words. It mesmerized me like never before, it was a one time experience, and a person must savor the beauty of something that happens once in a lifetime.

Going with the same flow, on the next day, we reached another wonderful place, Beas Kund Trek. The Beas Kund Trek is a perfect place for a weekend hideaway plan, which takes you away from the hustle and commotion of the city life. The intact landscape on the little mountain, which was enclosed by wildflowers are the symbols of peace and silence. Our next stoppage was the Hadimba temple. Filled with many segments of nature, Hadimba Temple offers a pleasant getaway to nature and armistice lovers. When I visited this temple, I felt calm, and my soul was incongruent. Besides, I also realized that the style of the infrastructure of the Hidimba Devi temple is exclusively dissimilar from that of any of the other shrines, with its woody doorways, walls, and cone-shaped rooftop. This temple is an appropriate commitment to its sovereign divinity Hidimba.

On the day our Savaari chauffeur and guide insisted and took us to many ideal and gorgeous places. He further insisted that we must visit the Vashisht Baths so that it will be a tourist spot for us and it will calm our nerves. Vashisht Baths is a hot water spring, which holds many medicinal values, so many people take a dunk in the pure water to get free from all skin ailments and toxicities.

Since we went to the city in January, we got a fortuitous chance to participate in the Manali Winter Carnival. It is one of the most exceptional experiences I have ever had. Activities such as the band performances, food festivals, street plays, folk dances, adventure sports made me enjoy every moment with satisfaction.

The plan to book a cab with Savaari from Delhi to Manali was one right decision as it made us savor the beauty of nature and wilderness of Manali. We were able to capture many beautiful moments both in our hearts and in cameras. In conclusion, I can say that I enjoyed the company and the place very much. I sincerely suggest people visit Manali as it is worth a visit. Wishing a very happy and safe trip, I am signing off.

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