Things to Know When Visiting Phoenix

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The US is a big place with a huge variety of different landscapes, climates, and cultures. It can often seem like a very different place when you go from Montana to Texas or from Alaska to Hawaii.

Arizona is one of the most unique states in the union and before you visit there, there are some things you should know in order to reduce the culture shock.

Experts at AZ Limo shared with us some things they believe you ought to know about Arizona, and Phoenix in particular.

The Climate:

Phoenix is in the desert, and it shows in the climate. The air is typically very dry and arid. The summers are long and can be incredibly hot, at over 110°F, whereas winters tend to be brief and fairly mild. The temperatures in winter rarely drop significantly lower than the 50°F, but can go as low as 30°F.

Fog is a problem year-round and this weather phenomenon confounds most travelers who don’t expect to see fog in the desert.

It’s a Drivers’ City:

The city itself sprawls across a fairly large area and the distances dictate that you will need a car to get around town.

Some people prefer to rent a car or drive their own car into the city, but if you are looking to rest and enjoy your stay, hiring a limo or a town car might be the best option.

Not only will you not have to worry about driving around and parking, but you will also have an experienced driver by your side who can take you where you want to be as quickly as possible.


There are numerous hotels, guest houses and other types of accommodation for every kind of traveler.

However, seeing how popular Phoenix is as a tourist attraction, you might want to book your accommodation early on, or the best and the cheapest options will be long gone by the time you decide to come.

This is especially true in April when the high season of Phoenix tourism tends to be. It is not yet too hot like it can get in the summer, and the weather is generally nicer than it is in the winter.

Nightlife and Restaurants:

RestaurantsAs a state capital and the biggest city in Arizona, it is a surprise to no one that it is also the center of the nightlife of the state. There are many different options to choose from, but the residents are particularly proud of their wine bars with a huge selection of domestic and imported wines.

When it comes to food, the staple of Arizona’s cuisine are steakhouses and Mexican restaurants, but the city is now rich in diverse cultures and cuisines including various European and Asian influences. The food can be expensive, but most people agree that it is worth the money.


SportsIf you follow sports, Phoenix is a great place to be. The home of the NBA team Phoenix Suns, as well as the NFL team Arizona Cardinals.

There are a lot of other sports teams including a baseball team, a WNBA team, and even an ice hockey and soccer teams.

However, what Phoenix is the most famous for in terms of sport is golf. There are over 200 golf courses in the city and many residents are avid golfers. Many of the courses are, of course, open to tourists as well.

The city of Phoenix is truly the gem of the Sonoran Desert with countless sights to see in the city itself, but also around it. The desert hides many of its beauties to those who are brave and persistent enough to seek them out.

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