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The Top 5 Reasons Real Estate Agent Is an Amazing Career

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read February 14, 2019 Last Updated on: March 14th, 2022

Real Estate Agent

Employment rates in real estate continue to thrive. Real estate agent employment is set to grow by 6 percent in the decade between 2016 and 2026, while real estate broker employment will grow by 5 percent. The real estate industry is in great shape and continuing to expand.

What makes working as a real estate agent so appealing to so many people? There are a lot of reasons why the real estate agent profession continues to grow and attract talented, independent people.

1. Resilience:

There are constantly new challenges and shifting markets, but real estate agents are known for their versatility. Since most are self-employed professionals, they rarely face lay-offs even in tough economic times. People are always selling and buying homes or leasing and renting. There’s always demand for real estate professionals, whether they’re agents, property managers, appraisers, or one of many other real estate professions. In an era when job security in any profession is at an all-time low, finding a resilient profession where you work for yourself is an effective way to plan for your future.

2. You Work for Yourself:

Not only do you have resilience and versatility, you also get to be independent. As an independent contractor, there are a few things that are different from working for someone else:

  • When your business profits, the money goes straight to you. Instead of performance-based bonuses, you live by your performance.


  • You have control over when you take time off or go on vacation, and when you work. If you have a ton of clients and you need to put in the hours to keep them all happy, no one will stop you – and when it’s time to take a break, you’re free to.


  • Every time you succeed, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re building your own business.

Of course, there are other sides to the coin, such as having to figure out your own taxes, but even that can be turned to your advantage.

3. It’s Easy to Start:

It’s hard to find a profession that pays as well as real estate that’s so easy to start. The first thing you need to do is learn about this 75 hour real estate course to get started.

The course is affordable and doing it online makes it easy to finish on your own schedule. You can find out more about real estate courses online from a real estate licensing school like RealEstateU.

4. You Help People at Major Milestones:

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial milestones someone will experience, especially their first one. You’re the expert and the professionals they rely on to make sure they make the right decision. If you enjoy helping people through major milestones, becoming a real estate agent is the job for you.

5. Real Estate Is Always Evolving:

The challenges posed by real estate and market trends are constantly evolving. Those who love learning in order to face new challenges will thrive in a career in real estate.

There are plenty of reasons to become a real estate agent. If the above 5 reasons resonate with you, it’s time to sign up for online real estate license courses.

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