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A Quick Guide to the Best Keywords for Real Estate Investors

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Real Estate

With the real estate industry fast becoming tech-savvy and entrepreneurs becoming increasingly interested in solutions that can help them gain an edge over the competition, you may already be familiar with the role of digital marketing tools in driving a real estate investment business forward.

From building a good website to social media accounts to an aggressive SEO strategy, a serious REI entrepreneur or manager is willing to invest time, money and resources to understand and utilize digital tools for generating qualified leads that will convert to actual sales.

In all, local SEO with targeted keywords is your go-to resource if you want your potential customers to find you when they go online—and to recall you when they’re offline thinking about contacting a local real estate company.

But first, what is local SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a digital tool used by internet marketers to make sure your website shows up in unpaid search engine results. Local SEO is an SEO approach focused on targeting the local market with keywords that your prospective customers use in online searches.

For instance, if you’re a Texas-based real estate company and a local homeowner types “cash home buyers in central Texas” on Google, your website should show up organically in their search results. But this can happen only if you have a robust local SEO campaign in place—along with an army of effective keywords to drive it.

How to find the best real estate investment keywords for your campaign

Even the best SEO strategy can fall flat on its face if you’re not using the right keywords. In fact, to surpass your competition you need to use the best real estate keywords customized for your business and relevant to your specific niche.

To help you derive tangible results from your SEO campaign, this comprehensive list of 50 best REI keywords from Seller Lead Hacks gives you access to the highest performing keywords actually used by motivated sellers when they look online for real estate investment companies and individual buyers for their homes.

The list is derived from hours of research and analysis of online spending on advertisements, with focus on key data points that determine the success of these ads. You can get easy and quick access to these keywords on email.

The cornerstones of a successful SEO strategy

Using the right keywords is a significant component of a successful SEO campaign, which needs to be supported with the following key elements to improve your website’s search ranking, traffic, and visibility on the search engines.

  • Restructure your website to make it easier for search engines to find it.
  • Build quality backlinks on high-ranking websites that point back to your site.
  • Use content marketing to create awareness and interest in your business.
  • Get listings in local and national real estate directories.
  • Make sure your site is optimized for mobile.
  • Add a blog to your website and get active on social and professional online platforms.

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