If you are taking your yoga certification online you might be thinking - isn’t this similar to another type of online certification I can earn? What about an online pilates certification - surely they can’t be that different? If you have always thought that earning your pilates certification and your yoga cert were similar, you are actually mistaken - although these two exercise modalities are very common in gyms, local fitness studios, and small-size boutique studios, they are quite different.

Pilates focuses on lengthening and strengthening your muscles by doing low-impact, high repetition, and core-focused exercises. You will use accessories and parts, such as a pilates ring for a ball, to help you with your core muscles, your leg muscles, and other aspects of your body. These classes are typically fast-paced with little breaks and no spiritual addition to the class.

However, with a yoga certification, you will find that this practice is very different from a pilates certification. Yoga focuses on the mind, body, and spirit to help the person gain physical health, mental strength, and relaxation after a long day. Visit site to know who do these two types of certifications differ from?

Yoga Certification Online Vs. Pilates Certification Online - Are There Any Differences?

The Practice Is Very Different

As we just mentioned, the practices of pilates vs. yoga are very different. Even though they are both low intensity and beneficial for helping people with their core strength, improve their muscles, improve flexibility, and restore a full range of motion, the intention behind each type of exercise method makes them extremely different. Pilates is more fast-paced and focuses on core strength, lengthening, and straightening, whereas yoga focuses on relaxing the mind, strengthening the body, and restoring flexibility.

Yoga Has Teacher Training

One of the main aspects of yoga certification online is that you have to do over 200 hours of teacher training. Typically, you will have to do weekend courses at a specific location of your choosing, or you can take the yoga teacher training online to earn your certification. When it comes to pilates certification, you will find that you need to do various courses and miniature classes online to earn a certification. If you are going for your pilates reformer certification, you will have to take the pilates basics course and the series of balanced body reformer programs, which are each round 16 hours per course.

Yoga Certification Online Costs Around $350-$2,000

Depending on the course that you want to take for your yoga certification online - and how in-depth the program and the classes are - you can expect to pay anywhere from between $350 and $2,000 for your certification. The $350 is the lowest number and is the most basic course, including very little training and gentle yoga. The higher-end of the price spectrum focuses on in-person teaching seminars, higher-level yoga practices, and a mixture of pre-forced videos, online sessions, and live training modules.


Earning your yoga certification online is a great way that you can enjoy doing the practice that you love - and teach someone else how to do it! By focusing your time and energy on getting through the online teacher training, passing the modules, and practicing in your free time, you will soon become a certified yoga teacher who can help others on their journey to physical and mental health.

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