You always want to apply for a higher position in your company, but your boss rejects the application due to your lack of academic credentials. It’s frustrating when you know that you’re capable of doing the job. It also hurts to see those who entered the company after you snatching the post away from you.

When you have been a nurse for a long time, and you have the same post as you did ten years ago, it's frustrating. Considering that nurses don't earn a lot, you want to step up and get the promotion you deserve.

If the academic credentials are the only thing you're missing, you might want to consider online rn programs. The good thing when you study online is that you don't need to resign from your job. You can pursue a program that qualifies you for a promotion. It doesn't even have to be a complete degree. Some employers will accept certifications that you can finish within a few months. Once you have received the completion certificate, you can reapply for a leadership role.

It Will Be Easier For You:

Since you're already working as a nurse and you're pursuing a program related to your profession, it won't be difficult for you. If you have questions, you can even check the answers while working with real patients. The theory you learn on your course is applicable to your current profession. You also have a good relationship with other medical professionals. If you want to delve further into the details of what you're studying, but you feel confused, you can ask the people you're working with.

You Can Study After Work:

If you need to finish your full-time job first, it's okay. Given the flexibility of online courses, you can study after work. You can also spend your weekends reviewing the materials given to you by your school. You can even raise your kids at the same time and still have enough time to rest. You don't need to show up in actual classes to finish the course, and it's an advantage for a working parent like you.

You Deserve To Move Up:

You know that you have enough experience to justify a promotion. Unfortunately, you're in a system where a postgraduate degree or further studies are necessary to bump you up. This time, your employer won't have any excuse to reject your application. Given your excellent track record as a nurse for the same company and your effort to finish the online course, your application will get accepted with flying colours.

You can pursue other crash courses and short-term courses in the future. You're may not necessarily be after promotion, but you might wish to expand your knowledge. Being a professional in the medical field will require you to stay updated with changes. You can't depend on your current expertise since it might be obsolete in a few years.

The idea of the continuous study is also applicable to anyone outside the medical profession. If you want to be better at your job, you need to study.

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