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The second higher education for a modern person has already ceased to be an attribute of prestige or an indicator of a special craving for knowledge, has become a vital necessity. A lot of employers want to see in the summary of applicants information about the availability of two university degrees. It is necessary either to supplement the knowledge gained or to change the field of activity. In the situation of completing the acquired knowledge, a person gets another higher education to become a more valuable specialist with extensive knowledge. But there are cases when the second higher education received is completely different from the initial one. This indicates that the person wishes to change the field of activity for certain reasons.

The price of such “pleasure” is sometimes unaffordable for the average person, and the question of how to get a second higher education for free is still of interest to many future entrants.

European Education: Qualitatively and Affordably!

The world is full of mysteries, the answers to which can not be found amid the concrete walls of the native city. Yes, you were able to grit granite domestic education, but what now – to get a job, learn a new profession or depart on a trip? Why did you decide that these three things should be shared? You can do everything at once. Education abroad will give you not only in-depth knowledge of your chosen profile, but also working practice, and you will also communicate with people of a different culture who have grown up completely in another information reality. Some European universities offer bachelor’s programs entirely in English. Find out what countries provide these opportunities for postgraduate students as well.

Sweden :

Until 2010, even foreigners could get a free education in Sweden; since 2010 the training here has become paid for citizens of countries that are not members of the EU. Nevertheless, a lot of scholarships are offered in Sweden.

Germany :

Germany is actively developing English-speaking education. This allows not only to popularize English amid local residents but also to attract foreign students. In Germany, foreigners who come here for study and foreign young professionals who want to work in local companies are welcomed.

Finland :

In Finland, foreign students can receive a free education. There are many courses offered in English but foreign students must independently pay for all expenses for living in the country, food, etc.

Iceland :

In Iceland, foreign students can receive a free higher education. This amazing country is interesting and surrounded by myths; here you can enjoy the unique northern nature and taste special local cuisine.

The Issue of Language :

Proceeding from the widespread opinion about the inability to study in Europe in English inexpensively, a natural question may arise. What is the catch? As such, there is no catch here – training is really inexpensive, in terms of quality, educational programs are not lagging behind those taught in the local language, and really you can only do with a certificate and spoken English.

But if you intend to visit Europe for education, you should expect to sooner or later learn one of the European languages. Any bachelor’s program involves learning a foreign language. Most of the time the student will be surrounded by local students and teachers – most of the environment will still be indigenous people, and they will not necessarily possess English.

For integration into the university community, for unhindered communication with classmates and, in the end, just for survival in a foreign country, it is simply necessary to begin mastering the language even before coming for your own good.

Why Is It Worth Deciding to Get a Second Higher Education Abroad?

Get an advantage in the resume. If you can discover a new country, while acquiring the necessary practical experience to get a decent job after graduation, it’s worth it.

Improve language skills -update them while studying abroad, you may wonder at how much you keep in mind.

To get acquainted with versatile people. Contacting people of various types abroad will not only help you develop communication skills but will also give you the ability to understand people, both friends, and enemies.

Make friends for life. You may not like any person you meet while staying abroad, but there is a high probability that you will find at least one real friend for life (if you are good at keeping communication).

Discover for yourself a new, incredible meal – you can eat more paella, gratens, pies, schnitzels and much more.

Develop global thinking. In work, you can use your ability to reason globally in order to strengthen your arguments, tell about your beliefs and manage your future.

Get benefits from discounts for international students. Student discounts are always more than just fun, and allows shopping in a new shopping center, spending a small amount!

Choosing the opportunity to continue education, consider your real capabilities and previous knowledge. Try to make it be related areas and in the future, it will make you more attractive specialist.

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