Piano vs guitar: Which instrument should you choose for formal music training?

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Piano vs guitar

Children usually get ample free time between sports, school work, and church groups. It may make you wonder how to fill that gap when they are not doing anything. What is your opinion about music lessons? In Plainview, you get plenty of options in music schools that teach piano and guitar. Due to this, you may find it difficult to choose between the two. Anyway, if you analyze it from a technical viewpoint, the piano is easy to learn in the instruments. That’s one reason you come across so many kids in the town who know how to play this instrument even from a young age.

Learning the piano from an early age can be advantageous for them from many angles. Of them, finding a quick grip over techniques compared to adults is one. But playing guitar from a young age may not feel easy. Here are various other factors also that can make you think why sending your kid to a piano music class can be better. Let’s explore.

Differences between piano and guitar playing


A kid has to press some keys of the piano to produce a musical sound. But guitar requires plucking a string and pushing another one down with different fingers, making the process slightly complicated.


There are different types of notes that you have to repeat throughout the instrument through keys. Piano teachers first acquaint students with one set of keys – which can be white or black. The students get enough time to become comfortable with the one set of keys before they have to start with the other set. Due to this, they enjoy practicing the patterns of notes and keys. The beginning songs and lessons also follow the same trends, which make it further convenient to identify them and play. But in guitar, patterns tend to be complex. All the strings contain a variety of note patterns. Owing to this, a kid can find it perplexing to find out the right string to produce a specific note.


You have to tune a piano once in every two months. However, it may also depend on the frequent use and health of the instrument. When it comes to guitar, you have to tune in whenever you want to play it. Due to this, it becomes essential to learn to tune a guitar also before starting a lesson or practice session.

Hand coordination

For beginners, learning piano can be easy because they can play it with one hand until they manage to coordinate both sides. This obstacle tends to go away as the kid becomes older. While going to a regular music class, the kid can gradually start using two hands to play various notes and chords. However, as the stages of learning progress, the kid may take time to pick up new things because of the increasing difficulty levels. But you don’t need to worry about anything if your kid’s teacher is good. To ensure this, you can find a recognized music studio near your home. Search for piano lessons near me in Plainview in Google to discover relevant results.  You can contact them and meet the teachers before enrolling your kid in one of them.

With guitar, gaining coordination between hands and fingers is of utmost importance. To produce and dampen sound, one has to pluck and press down strings. So, the kid has to focus on this area from early on. Due to this, playing complex songs and chords may not seem so challenging to them.

Musical theory

Piano teachers in Plainview focus more on musical theory from the beginning. It helps them infuse a better sense of music understanding into their students. And all these efforts reflect when a kid shows his or her music reading skills during lessons or practice sessions. The musical foundation of these students tends to be better owing to this process. In contrast, guitar lessons usually start with beginner’s book and then gradually move towards ear training. But classical guitar involves a lot of theory and students have to pass the theory tests also.

So, as you can see, there are some fundamental differences for sure. You cannot decide what your kid would enjoy the most or find interesting to play because sometimes preferences tend to vary. But one thing is clear that piano lessons for beginners are comparatively simple. Hence, kids can have a fulfilling experience, even when they begin. Then, the knowledge of musical theory can come in handy for them when they pick up other instruments also. They can learn to play them faster.

However, as in any other case, three factors, such as interest, preference, and skill, matter a lot. Different kids can have different learning talents. Due to this, they can choose one over the other. You have to make sure if your kid wants piano, he or she should show interest and willingness for it. If they are eager to attend their piano class, it means they are having a good time with this instrument. Or, to the bare minimum, they are enjoying being in that environment.

As mentioned, in Plainview town of New York, nearby piano music lessons are quite easy to find. The popularity of this musical instrument is palpable when you witness a sea of young kids going for practice sessions or learning. So if you manage to choose the right teaching center for this, your kid can eventually acclimatize in the environment and despite having no particular interest in this can develop a liking for music. 

Therefore, you should not leave any stone unturned when it comes to shortlisting the best places for such music lessons. If the music studio is well-known and credible, the chances are the quality of the teachers will also be great. And in the hands of the committed teachers in Plainview, students only learn to develop their skills. The new journey becomes exciting for them. Besides, you don’t have to convince them to go there. They look forward to attending their classes. Such is the magic!

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