It is always wondering what eagles see up above while flying and gliding through the wave of the wind. Humans can’t fly and be like an eagle, but we can figuratively view what they can see.

The earth's beautiful mountains, canyons, and sunsets are best seen from high above. If you are feeling the aura of adventure, here are some of the great destinations to discover via a helicopter tour. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the biggest aerial adventure of your life.

The Natural Wonder of The Grand Canyon 

Let us take our adventure to America’s far western sector where we find ourselves coming face to face with one of the most phenomenal Seven Wonders of the Natural World, The Grand Canyon.

There are several ways to appreciate the beauty of this massive site. You can tour by bus or helicopter to take you through the spectacular boulder dam before embarking on a chopper ride over the scenic Grand Canyon Dragon corridor.

You can fly along a desert-scape ride through the dry Mojave Desert heading up to the O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge and Eagle Point for some spectacular photos. The helicopter ride will sweep you down to the base of the canyon where you will appreciate its depth.

The Blessed Marine life of Florida Keys


Marine life of Florida

A helicopter tour will be the best way to acknowledge the occasionally seen treasures kept hidden in the Keys. Depending on when you schedule your ride, you can experience the fascinating views of America’s bottom south line as you tour Florida’s peninsula from the above.

The prosperous marine life is full of corals and plant life that exist side-by-side along with rays, dolphins, sharks, manatees, and a great variety of ocean-dwelling life. If you simply wish to get away from the stream of the crowd, a 45-minute helicopter tour may be just the thing for you.

Your chopper ride will take you along the coast above Mallory Square and Duval Street before rotating around to catch a view of Smathers Beach, Wisteria Island and Fort Zachary Taylor. A glass of sparkling champagne is provided for you and your guests to toast the day away and bring on the night as the brown skies give way to night’s illuminating stars.

The Beauty of Glacier in Alaska

Glacier in Alaska

Seeing Alaska airborne is truly an exceptional view to see. Its distant landscape goes on forever, shifting from plain to large spruce and pine forests spanning across hundreds of miles of pure wilderness. A chopper ride here will take you on an eagle-eye adventure of Alaska’s rural area.

Your adventure begins in Juneau and takes you through alpine lakes and ridges towards archaic ice formations as you approach the ultimate Alaskan destination the Mendenhall Glacier. You can launch on some micro flite ride and observe the majestic nature including the ice spires, icefalls, and rock sentinels before you feel it more on foot.

Make sure that your cameras are fully-charged and don’t forget to bring extra batteries in case it runs out of power source.


Helicopter rides are truly one of a kind adventures. Chopper takes you up, over, back and around from different angles and perspectives of the area for a view that is breathtaking. Book one today, and you will surely crave for more.


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