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Evening Oasis : Lighting Styles to Brighten Up Your Garden

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read September 29, 2017 Last Updated on: February 21st, 2020

Oasis : Lighting

Irresistible radiance is what a fascinating lighting could provide to you and your home as well as your outdoor spaces such as garden. It does not only provide illumination, but it also brightens up your mood and presence.

Outdoor lighting is a critical aspect of your garden decoration as it can highlight features that demand to be recognized. It could also provide a positive aura for outdoor gatherings or provide a safe pathway across your backyard.

Why You Should Invest In Outdoor Lighting

The main reason for garden lighting is to provide a safety walk through your garden course especially in evenings. Another is to keep your home well lit to eliminate dim edges of your house and to enliven your garden to set up a productive mood. Here are some lighting schemes that you could use to brighten your garden.

1. Highlighting

is a style used to emphasize a particular detail of your garden.

2. Shadowing

is when a light is placed fronting an object to project a shadow on the wall.

3. Path-lighting

is individually styled to brighten your garden path to make sure that you can reach your destination safely.

4. Up-lighting

is when the lighting is planted on the ground and cast upwards towards the features of your garden.

5. Down-lighting

is the opposite of up-lighting. The lights are placed higher to cast a beam down to specific details of your garden.

6. Moonlighting

method is when bright lights are on soaring trees which projects a shadow casting downward to illuminate the beauty of your garden

Now that you know some of the different styles of illumination let us check some amazing outdoor designs.

Classic Path of Lights

These kind of lights are high enough to brighten the ground and to lighten the way which is simple and elegant for events done in your garden.

Brightened Walkway of Stone

Lighting the main walkway of your garden is important. The lighting intensifies the design of the stone path that is constructed right into the architectural arrangement of the stone walls. This kind of light establishes excellent brightness levels.

Concealing Steel of Solar Light

Several lighting appliances are too visible in the garden, especially at daytime. If you are a minimalist, then this lighting style suits you best as the lights are hidden during the day and shine during night time. These are located commonly among plants that love to hide their figure until the evening demands light.

Decorative Pathway of Earth

These are the kind of path lights to brighten up the pathway. It also boosts outdoor decorations. The illumination forms the walkway to look fascinating which captivates attention in the entrance of your home.

Solar-generated LED Outdoor Light

This variant of lighting is a down-lighting style that focuses your attention on a precise location. It is used to highlight a house number, some warning signs, and garden design.

Supernatural Aisle of Bricks

If you are searching for a designer lighting for Halloween, then this light-work is the perfect one to choose. It provides a dark path but beams an orange light to provide a little shelter in the dark.

Hanging Outdoor Lights

Another way to provide illumination is to use the hanging lights as can also brighten up your garden as well as it does not consume space.

Walkway of Safety

This lighting beam is a bright light to promote safety and security as you walk to the pathway for it ensures you to not to step on clutter or a difficult surface to step. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to beautify your own home and keep everything at a safe distance.

Delicate Radiance

This method is the best lighting decoration if you do not want your lighting to be exposed. The lamps are tiny enough to hide and fit under the bushes and shrubs but still able to provide maximum illumination.

Levitating Stairway

The lighting is built or positioned under the stairway. You cannot see it during daylight, but it creates an illusion at night that the stairs appear to float which is brilliant.


Brightening up your home is not just all about design, it is also about making your house welcoming for visitors as well as promoting safety for the family especially for the elderly. It can also be a medium to spice up your mood and to brighten your frame of mind.

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