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Craig Conover Breaks His Silence On His Girlfriend’s Paige DeSorbo Cheating Rumor  

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read September 15, 2023

Craig Conover Breaks His Silence On His Girlfriend’s Paige DeSorbo Cheating Rumor

Craig Conover’s girlfriend Paige DeSorbo was accused of being unfaithful by Taylor Ann Green. Conover does not seem to agree with Green’s accusation in fact he says these claims are totally false. Green accused Paige DeSorbo of cheating on Craig during the Bravo series premiere on 14th September.

Taylor’s Southern Charm costar thinks otherwise to this accusation, giving his take on the accusation to the news media he says, “It was just sad for me because I think I realized in that moment how lost Taylor really is.”

Further adding he said, “I care about her and I was like, ‘Man, you’re really struggling.” Taylor Ann Green threw out this cheating accusation while fighting with Craig over her bitter breakup with Shep Rose who is Craig’s best friend. Green broke up with Rose as he was unfaithful to her during their two-year relationship.

Craig said, “She thought she was going to get married to Shep and he had cheated on her multiple times. I’ve been cheated on before. That will really turn your world upside down and everything that you think you know about the world. So, she’s dealing with that.”

But the claim about his girlfriend cheating on him made by Taylor is unfounded and false, says the Southern Charm star. He explained, “To say that about Paige—my reaction, the reason I walked away was because there was nothing I could do to help her at that moment.” Adding, “I kinda laughed because I was like, ‘Me and Paige just sit on her couch and watch TV.’ It would be a little hard for either of us to be out there being secretive. I don’t think that comes with this territory anymore.”

In fact, Summer House star DeSorbo feels the same way about this accusation, added Craig when he told her about this accusation. But this accusation will not last long in this season, promised Craig, “It comes to a quick conclusion in episode two, which is good.”If you wish to see how this drama plays out watch Southern Charm’s next episode on Thursday at 9 pm.

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