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Surprises After Surprises In Star Wars: Ahsoka Is Keeping Up To Its Hype!  

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Surprises After Surprises In Star Wars_ Ahsoka Is Keeping Up To Its Hype!

In episode 6 of Star Wars: Ahsoka, a wish was fulfilled as the series delivered the answers to the continuous search for Ezra Bridger, the biggest surprise! Return of Grand Admiral Thrawn. In the episode named “Far, Far Away,” Ahsoka is out on her mission along with Huyang!

In this mission, they are tracking down Sabine Wren, who has been taken into custody by Baylon Skoll and Morgan Elsbeth. The stability you see in this episode comes from the direction of Jennifer Getzinger! It is just after the viewers pointed out that the last week was visually uneven.

Star Wars fans are getting all they want regarding the Prequel Trilogy, Rebels and The Clone Wars. Night-sisters are waiting for a handcuffed Sabine. Thus, she is hauled off to solitary confinement, which is temporary.

There is a vibe of waiting throughout the whole episode as it is later revealed that everyone awaits the arrival of Thrawn. The character has been developed into a creepy and authoritative figure in the current novels by Timothy Zahn and the Expanded Universe.

The character is portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen, who has essayed the role quite successfully with expressions that show great force and yet creepiness! Menace is written all over the character, especially when he is serenaded by the gold-masked Enoch chanting along with his troops!

A feeling of cult is apparent along with the flanking of the new Night Troopers! The treatment he received from others showcases his fear and power over others. Thrawn is not restricted in his perception of things!

That may be why he sees Sabine’s arrival as a window of opportunity instead of further issues like the Great Mother. His whole focus is to neutralize Sabine and Ezra, whom she seeks!

It is due to this reason that he plans on releasing Sabine and providing provisions and a ride so that She can find Ezra for him, and then he can finish both off! He sends Shin and Baylan after her to ensure that Sabine and Ezra are killed once she finds him!

The overall aim of the show is quite authoritative and manipulative! You are kept hankering for more, especially with the bond that is hinted at between Sabine and Ezra! Keep watching!

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