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How to Check If Your Home Has Electrical Problems

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Electrical Problems

Sydney achieved ranking as the third most livable city for 2019 having less Electrical Problems.  Therefore, it is not surprising that Sydney is also the most populous city in Australia.

Check If Your Home Has Electrical Problems

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, around 62% of residents in the Greater Sydney area are homeowners.  Aside from daily maintenance, it is the responsibility of homeowners to keep their houses free from the risk of fire.

electrical problems

One way to have a fire-free home is by consulting a qualified electrician in Sydney.  Electricians perform rigorous electrical testing services – inspecting your electrical appliances, power outlets, and smoke alarms.

If you want to learn how to check if your home has electrical problems, read on.

Check for burning odor

burning odor

New appliances may emit odor upon the first installation. It can also be due to electrical problems.  The odd scent could only be due to paint. However, if the odor is coming from an electric outlet, unplug anything connected.  Likewise, if your fuse box is emitting an odd smell, call an electrician in Sydney.

Observe any flickering lights in your appliances

Lights flicker because of a power surge.  Your device may require more wattage than what your electrical system can provide.  Ignoring these situations will damage your machine. And can eventually lead to electrical problems.

Take the flickering seriously – statistics show that electrical appliances cause 40% of residential fires. Your electrician may suggest an upgrade of your electrical wirings.

Consult only a licensed electrician in Sydney.

Look for rodent droppings

Rodents chew on electrical wiring.  Any frayed or damaged wiring causes fires.  Before it gets worse, solve your rodent problem and have the wires changed by an electrician.

Check if your ceiling is warm

A warm area around your ceiling fixtures implies a lack of insulation.  Only a licenced electrician in Sydney can confirm this.

Overheating is also caused by bulbs that exceed their recommended wattages.  Change your light bulbs to match accordingly.

Try flicking your switches and check electrical outlets

If your light switch or electrical outlet suddenly stops working or works intermittently, you have loose wiring. Your family could experience electrical shocks.

If the switches are warm when touched, an electrician will replace the wirings or switches.

Try to hear buzzing sounds

Outlets and switches are supposed to be silent.  If there is any buzzing sound when you flip a switch or plug into an outlet, turn off the power to that outlet and call a professional electrician at once.

Check for counterfeit electrical products

Here’s the thing.  Using fake extension cords, chargers, and night lights are dangerous.  Although they are incredibly cheap, these products do not meet industry or government standards. Always purchase electrical products from reputable dealers. Replace any counterfeit products.

Visit your circuit breaker

Circuit breakers are supposed to trip when there is an electrical overload.  Tripping will prevent overheating and fires.

circuit breaker

A one-time overload may cause occasional tripping. However, if it happens repeatedly, you need an electrician to evaluate your home’s entire electrical system.

Search for discolorations

If your power outlets have any discoloration or scorch marks, the wiring is damaged and is releasing heat. Go ahead and have this checked by an electrician.


If you observe any of the above warnings, don’t attempt to fix yourself.  Pick up the phone and call a professional electrician in Sydney immediately and have peace of mind, knowing that your family is safe from fire. However, safety is better than cure, you must be well aware of your surroundings so that such a situation never happens.

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