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Importance of pursing master’s degree in IT security management

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read January 21, 2020 Last Updated on: August 21st, 2020

IT security management

These days, you often get to know about major cyber-security breaches in the papers or through digital media. With increasing awareness and concern over the growing incidences of cyber threats in the world, there is an increased dialogue on effective IT security management. According to a report by CyberSecurityVentures.com, the cost of global cybercrime could exceed $ 6 trillion by 2021!

With stakes this high, there is an immediate need for companies to focus on IT security management. This has led to an increased demand for professionals qualified in IT security management, who can help organizations battle security breaches.

If you are intrigued by the idea of pursuing an advanced degree like a master’s in IT security management, this article can provide the push you need to enroll in a course. It lists the important benefits of pursuing a cyber security course as an option for your career.

Benefits of getting a master’s degree in IT security management

Cyber-security is one of the top-most priorities for an organization, especially if it is client-based and involves sensitive data. Hence, today’s business world has major players investing thousands of dollars in maintaining a robust IT security management system.

Here are some advantages of pursuing a course in handling IT security.

Job security:

Job security

With cyber-attacks and security breaches becoming more frequent and complicated to resolve with every passing day, the demand for qualified IT security management professionals is outpacing the current supply. This could mean that as an IT security management graduate, your job security in the field is virtually guaranteed.

Handsome salary packages:

As a qualified IT security professional, you can get well-paying jobs in the cybersecurity industry. According to payscale.com, the global median salary for an IT security engineer is $92,644 annually, whereas the global median salary for and IT security specialist is $107,342 annually. These salaries can go further up once you climb up the corporate ladder.

Growing career options:

As technology advances, the cybersecurity threats keep getting more massive and complex. As a result of the cybersecurity industry stepping up to match this challenge, there is a steady growth in the number of jobs available in this sector. According to the US Bureau of Labour, the cybersecurity job market is growing at a rate of 28% annually!

Availability of online programs:

If you want to enter the cybersecurity industry and are not able to join a full-time course because of your job, you can rest easy. There are many online and flexible course options in IT security management globally, that can allow you to juggle work and academics easily.

Transferable skills:

An additional benefit of pursuing an advanced degree in IT security is the managerial and leadership training you would receive apart from subject knowledge. This course can also help you develop transferable skills like business acumen and logical reasoning that can help you excel in accessory fields to the IT security industry.

IT security management courses offer specialized curriculums that teach you how to effectively nullify various types of security breaches. While you are looking for course options, choose one that offers curriculums teaching advanced programming languages and lectures or mentorship from industry experts.

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