Five Myth-Busting Facts about Outdoor Gyms

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Outdoor Gym

What is an outdoor gym?

Outdoor Gym Equipment is people-powered, weatherproof exercise equipment made up of a combination of static and moving parts that offer cardio, balance, strength, and flexibility training.

A growing trend, outdoor gyms are really popular thanks to their location in the fresh air, wide-open spaces, and the benefits of taking in vitamin D from the sun.

Isn’t it cold and wet?

Exercise outdoors in the cooler months can often be more pleasant than in the heat of summer. Being outdoors and breathing in the goodness of the fresh air is well worth a little bit of extra preparation time. Dress ‘dry’, not just warm and you won’t lose body heat by getting wet. Factor in a warm-up and keep moving.

Most outdoor gym equipment like this full range from the UK of cardio pieces from exercise bikes, to cross trainers, to double rowers and more fun pieces such as cross-country skiers to keep your heart rate up and your body temperature warm.

If you go out in all weathers, you will not only get a great workout but an enormous sense of satisfaction from having pushed yourself out of your comfort zone.

Will it challenge me?

A common misconception is that an outdoor gym won’t give you a challenging workout.

Some of the top athletes will contest to calisthenics being challenging even to the most advanced fitness fanatics. Outdoor gyms offer a range of pull up, push up and dip racks.

Cardio is an aspect that a lot of fitness fans often neglect, as they don’t think it builds muscle. In fact, Cardio increases your blood circulation which is optimal for building muscle. Cardio equipment on an outdoor gym which requires full-body effort is the ones to go for.

I’m over 65, an outdoor gym won’t cater to my needs

Outdoor gyms are perfect for senior fitness because there are so many low impact pieces.

The recumbent bike for example is a new spin on the upright bicycle and it offers more protection and support for the back whilst gently exercising the legs.

Many pieces are also multi-user so you can exercise as a couple together and motivate one another.

By building strength, increasing flexibility, and getting cardiovascular fitness, it can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as reducing the risk of a fall. Fitness outdoors also enhances your mood and can combat anxiety.

Outdoor gyms are fantastic isolation busters too, as people gather, socialize, and make new friends whilst doing something fun and healthy.

Don’t I have to pay to access the outdoor gym?

No, using an outdoor gym in a park is completely free of charge.

The local council will have paid an organization to design and install the gym originally but it will be totally free to use by all members of the public.

It makes exercise accessible to all.

I prefer to exercise as a group!

Exercising with a group makes people feel physically and mentally better than working out alone, reports a recent study. It is unsurprising that researchers discovered working out in a group lowers stress by 26 percent and significantly improved quality of life.

If you prefer to work in a group for the motivation and good company, you will find many boot camps, HIIT instructors and PTs combine their regular sessions with their nearest outdoor gym equipment.

This means you can still enjoy the support of a fitness group and take advantage of being outdoors in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

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