Top 5 Benefits of Power Walking

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power walking

What is power walking, have you ever tried it? Well, people are very concerned about their health and fitness today. They’re going to the gym, enrolling in a fitness program, joining various health clubs, and doing a lot more other stuff. However, if it is done properly, everything has its own advantages. 

Here, we’re going to know what are the benefits of power walking and how you can do it properly for the best results? In addition to this, I will be sharing some tips that will help you to boost your workout regime. Before I start, let us understand what is power walking? 

What is power walking?

Power walking is not running, it is a simple walking exercise at a fast pace to improve your health benefits. When you go for this exercise, you need a comfortable outfit, which means good quality walking shoes, a set of relaxed clothes. You’re going to want to know what are the best walking shoes for men to find out which pair suits you better have yourself a comfortable walk. Now, let us know some of the key benefits of power walking.

Benefits of Power Walking

Power walking has many health benefits, such as it improves your cardiovascular health, reduces your stress level, you feel energetic, and many other benefits. Here are some of the benefits of this exercise

Power Walking Helps You to Maintain Your Weight

This is a form of cardio exercise, a great way to maintain proper weight. In this exercise, you walk faster than normal walking with the intense movements of your arms and legs. This exercise burns your calories like jogging or slow running. 

Although both power walking and running are cardiovascular exercises, they are not the same thing. They can burn the same amount of calories if you do them at the same pace but they are different in terms of body movement.

Your body moves more horizontally in power walking, while your body moves more vertically in jogging. If you have joint problems, then this workout is a great option for cardio exercise instead of jogging. Because there’s less impact on your joints while you’re walking than you’re jogging.

Therefore, if your fitness goal is to maintain a healthy weight, go for a power walk in the morning or evening, depending on your convenience. It helps to improve your immune system too.

Power Walking Boosts Your Immune System

As we know power walking is a great cardiovascular exercise, it helps you to boost your immune system. During this exercise, there is a harmonious movement of different parts of your body.  This helps you to maintain your blood flow and energizes your body by creating a good connection among different systems of the body.

When you practice it consistently, it keeps a balance of your cholesterol level. Also, it helps you to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and diabetes. In a nutshell, this boosts your immune system to fight unwanted diseases.

When your body is fit and healthy, most of your mental problems are also wiped away. So, power walking also helps to improve your mental health by reducing stress.

Power Walking Improves Your Mental Health

Another fantastic benefit of power walking is it improves your mental health by reducing your day-to-day stress level. After the hectic schedule of your office, if you go for a power walk it can bring back your concentration by releasing your tension. 

If you have unreleased stress in your mind, it affects your mental health and you lose your potential to make better decisions. When you go for a walk, your brain releases endorphins which make you feel relaxed and it calms your mind. 

As a result, you feel refreshed and energized again. This improves the functionality of your brain and you are able to make better decisions. When you decide better, you perform better at everything and it increases your productivity.

Power Walking Increases Your Stamina and Strength

This is a great exercise to increase your overall body strength. Because, when you go for a power walk, both your upper and lower body are in movement which increases the muscle and bone strengths. When your body condition is better you can lift heavy objects, do more physical works and you feel confident. Apart from this, one more benefit is it’s better than other exercises in terms of convenience, cost, and time.

Power Walking is Cost-Free and Efficient

Last but not least, this exercise does not cost you a penny. If you do not want to spend money on the gym or any fitness program then power walking is the best choice for you. You do not need many difficult exercises to get in shape. 

If you follow simple guidelines on how to do effective power walking, it can help you stay fit. To make it easier, I’m going to share a few tips on it.

Tips for an Effective and Healthy Power Walking

 Learn and apply these tips to your power walking routine to make it more effective 

  • Use a walking shoe not running shoes: The key difference between a walking shoe and a running shoe is that the walking shoes are flat whereas running shoes are slightly raised towards the heel.


  • Increase your speed of walking: This does not mean that you start running. Keep track of your walking speed and try to increase your speed every week.


  • Increase your distance every week: Like every other workout, you need to set walking targets. You will feel demotivated if you start walking a long distance from day one. So, gradually increase the distance you travel each week until you reach your goal.

Finally, don’t overdo it, because it can hamper your health conditions. And I would suggest that, along with power walking, make sure you’re following a diet plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have any queries regarding any workout, ask them in the comments section.

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