WordPress is the world’s largest Content Delivery Network (CDN) and 1/3rd of all websites today are using WordPress. It is the most renowned, versatile, reliable, and user-friendly platform for beginners as well as for tech-savvy people.

Moreover, a robust infrastructure and a huge collection of plugins enhance your site’s functionality and user experience which makes WordPress a perfect choice for creating an online store. Plugins make your site more useful by providing unique functionality improvements for your site.

Here is the list of 10 must-have WordPress plugins for your online store:

1. BigCommerce:


With this plugin, you can choose BigCommerce features such as catalog management and processing payment, or even go for the whole BigCommerce package. It’s a nice blend of content and commerce.

With this plugin, you can access BigCommerce apps, gift cards, fully integrated payment and shipping method/rates, multichannel sync, and more. This plugin is quite new and is released in June 2018. The process with BigCommerce is much easier and there are no transaction charges as that of other eCommerce platforms.

2. WooCommerce:


This is a tried-and-true plugin released in 2011 that is adopted by most eCommerce stores over 28%. It provides better design flexibility as well as premium features that help customize your store. WooCommerce, which can be said as the king of WordPress eCommerce plugins, is supposed to be the best solution when trying to build and develop an online store.

WooCommerce provides features that include payment gateways, customization options, expenses like shipping costs, calculation of taxes, and the friendly knowledge base that it comes with.

3. OptinMonster:

This plugin is helpful in optimizing your site for peak conversions that result in higher revenue. OptinMonster offers unique features with which you can design and implement winning campaigns that are easy to make and insightful.

The best thing is that while using this plugin, you do not need any coding experience. With the drag-and-drop features provided here, you can flawlessly implement features like floating bars, pop-ups, and welcome messages. With OptinMonster, you can create personalized campaigns for customers and also based on the products that you sell. The plugin also goes well with WooCommerce.

4. MemberPress:


This is the perfect plugin for those dealing with digital subscriptions or subscription-based digital products such as an online course. With MemberPress, you can build special subscriptions and unique content for your members so that they get attracted to do sign up.

MemberPress with its lot of extensions allows the connection with WooCommerce as well as other third-party services. It is one of the best WordPress membership plugins in terms of usability.

5. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD):

Easy Digital Downloads

This is an intuitive plugin that works great for managing and selling digital products on WordPress. It has a cleaner interface and contains more features specific to digital sales. EDD has all the necessary features for an e-commerce site, including a full shopping cart, payment gateways, and a range of useful extensions that minimize the number of clicks needed.

This plugin is also extensively compatible with WordPress themes. More importantly, there are themes built exclusively for Easy Digital Downloads. The best thing is that the core plugin is free.

6. Ecwid:


With EcWid, it is very easy to build a simple store set up and add a shopping cart to any website. The presence of an on-boarding checklist is very helpful for beginners to know the essential things they need to do. There are many built-in extensions that allow you to sell on social media, Amazon, Google Shopping, and eBay.

Euclid also has in-store POS that helps manage multi-store operations at a single point. However, for everything to work smoothly, make sure to hire WordPress developer for a smooth development process.
The plugin is better than WooCommerce and most other plugins when it comes to translations. It has more than 50 languages and depending upon the settings of your customer’s browser, automatic translations take place.

7. SendinBlue:


This unique tool helps connect and nurture your relationships with your target audience or clients. With SendinBlue, you can run email marketing campaigns from your WooCommerce store. Whether it is about transforming the user experience for your online shop, offering customer support, encouraging more online business, or even getting real-time reports, SendinBlue works great.

With this WordPress plugin, you can also create custom subscription forms that will give you more people for your newsletter. The plugin can be availed as a free plan until you send 300 emails per day after which you may have to pay extra expenses.

8. Cart66 Cloud:

This is a smart plugin for all types of people. Cart66 Cloud minimizes the number of add-ons required for the plugin to work smoothly. Too many add-ons and extensions hamper the website’s functionality.

9. WP Ecommerce:

WP Ecommerce

It has out-of-the-box marketing automation. With this plugin, you can set discounts at definite quantities or give advanced coupon options such as time-based coupons.

You can get the core plugin for free, but a premium version called the ‘Gold Cart Extension’ will cost $99.

10. Constant Contact:

Constant Contact

This is an efficient and feature-filled email marketing plugin with all the valuable tools for a successful marketing campaign. It helps create professional-looking email marketing campaigns that highly boost your open rates.

Wrap Up:

These WordPress plugins for e-commerce will surely give a seamless shopping experience to your customers from start to finish!

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