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4 Tech Solutions for Small Businesses in the E-commerce Niche

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read November 21, 2018

Tech Solutions

With the right technological solutions, businesses can manage their limited capital to drive sales and significantly grow their brand. Not only do these tech solutions provide you with alternatives to achieve your goals, they also accentuate the effects of the other systems you already have.

However, for the small businesses that have jumped on e-commerce as a way of complementing traditional systems, it can seem a little trickier. Today, fortunately, there are various tech solutions that will make it easy for anyone without tech skills to launch their own e-commerce business.


Shopify requires no tech skill and has all the features needed to launch and manage a small e-commerce business to success, especially when combined with managed cloud solutions.  It is designed with an inventory management, customer care management software, and a lot more. It holds over 500,000 active stores.   It has a user-friendly interface with hundreds of shop themes for you to choose from.

It caters to both small and big businesses. What is more, you won’t have to worry about transaction charges.

 Big Cartel:

They basically offer you your own online store and other things you need to sell your product. Here you won’t be dealing with any gateway fees since you won’t be dealing with any costly merchant account. Instead, you can use their link for transactions with any bank account you want and PayPal too. All you pay are monthly charges (as opposed to giving up a percentage of your sales revenue). The charges depend on the type of package you subscribe to. For £7.71, per month, you can put up 25 products while £23.11 will get you 300 products.


WooCommerce is cheap and allows for limitless customization options to help you stand out. Not only that, you can basically turn your own website into an e-commerce business with it provided the site is set up using WordPress. With its shopping cart plugin, you can get your online store in minutes and join hundreds of thousands of other users.


This is ideal for small businesses with simple e-commerce needs. This includes small business with no e-commerce payroll and accounting needs.  The web shops it offers are highly sophisticated with amazing store themes to choose from, to build your brand. You can find an email list and inventory management software and there is no limit to the number of products you can upload.


The entry barriers to the e-commerce space are lower than ever as there are many solutions available to smoothen the process for you.  Whether you want a plug-and-play online shop or a bespoke design, there is something for you. Analyse your options and choose solutions that appeal to your brand goals and you can start to reap the benefits of the e-commerce revolution.

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