5 Reasons For Visiting Kashmir In Winters

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Kashmir In Winters

Considered to be heaven on earth, Kashmir’s astonishing beauty never fails to mesmerize even if you go there for the 10th time. When you witness magnificent flower meadows, tall green mountains covered with white snow, smell the fresh aroma in the surrounding, breathtaking sights you could look at all day, it is obvious that you have entered Azad Kashmir. Kashmir is also considered to be the Switzerland of the east, nature with captivating beauty becomes the evidence. Every district and valley of Azad Kashmir is unique in its own way, which convinces a person to explore Kashmir till the very end of the boundary. The confounding beauty of Kashmir cannot be explained in words, but this article highlights 5 main reasons to go to Azad Kashmir Tour in winters and make that trip full of memories to cherish forever.

Neelum Valley:

Neelum Valley

A river which is the heart of Kashmir runs parallel to Kaghan valley only separated by snow-covered mountains, is located in the thickly forested region of Azad Kashmir. Sharda which is one of the most beautiful places in Kashmir, filled with historical stories and buildings is located on the banks of Neelum River. This place becomes even beautiful in winters which get covered with the whiteness of snow, convincing people to spend all their lives there, just observing the beauty of flowing river with snow covered banks filled with exciting historical stories which make the whole experience memorable.

Food Night of Muzaffarabad:

After the exploring, the beauty of Kashmir at the end of the day every tourist craves for just the food which could rock their taste buds with flavors and its uniqueness. Muzaffarabad is famous for its taste in food, serves the purpose of feeding hungry tourists with warm food in cold weather ending their day with perfectness of food. Usman kabab, the most famous kabab restaurant in town, Shama fish centre known for its unique taste in seafood, Lalazaar café which is the only place to offer Haresa which is a traditional Kashmiri dish which tastes, which is the specialty dish in winters, are some of the famous places which are known for their food in Muzaffarabad.

Wildlife of Kashmir:

Wildlife of Kashmir

Wildlife which is pretty rare in entire Pakistan due to excessive hunting and globalization, Kashmir still has some of the animals which only exist in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir, India. Snow leopards, brown bears, yellow-throated marten, Asiatic Black Bears, Kashmir Gray Langoors which are only found in Kashmir throughout the world. These are some of the animals which can be seen in cold winters of Kashmir, but difficult to find in other weathers.

Colors of Pir Chinasi:

Colors of Pir Chinasi

At a distance of 30 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, you’ll find the most traditional and cultural place of Kashmir known as Pir Chinasi. This place gives traveling a whole other meaning, after witnessing the beauty of a place. This place is famous because of Shrine of Pir Shah Hussain Bukhari, which is the main attraction of the tourists, but bright colors of white and green mountains, a charming entrance of the place and freshness of the place cannot be ignored as well.

Low-Cost Accommodations:

Mainly Kashmir is jam-packed with tourist in summers when the weather gets warm that is why tourism in winters cost low. From the tickets to Kashmir till the prices of hotels, food and traveling, everything cost cheaper than traveling in summers. You would not regret going there witnessing the beauty of whiteness which is not available in summers.

Kashmir is famous because of its beauty, which is not witnessed by many locals living in Pakistan. You should not miss the chance of traveling to Kashmir this winters so that you are able to see what you cannot see in any other season.

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