Given that the consequences of sexual assault are long-lasting, hiring the right lawyer is the most important thing you can do to help your case. If you’re someone navigating the stress of a sexual assault case, here are four mistakes to avoid when hiring a sexual assault attorney.

1. Waiting Too Long

The first mistake to avoid when hiring a lawyer is waiting too long before hiring someone. Avoidance of addressing your case early on can limit the options for moving forward, i.e., (early settlements, proper filing of complaints, responding to retaliation, etc.).

2. Not Hiring A Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Not Hiring A Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Lawyers who do not specialize in sexual assault cases will not necessarily know the best way to move forward. As with anything requiring skill, you want your sexual abuse lawyer to be proficient in sexual assault cases so you can benefit from their knowledge.

Sex crimes law is complex and involves an extensive understanding of forensic evidence. While any lawyer can go through the motions, this doesn’t mean you’re hiring the best of the best. Hiring a generalist will not have the experience you need to resolve your case.

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3. Hiring Cookie-Cutter Lawyers

Some sexual abuse lawyers will tell you that they can win your case by following in the same footsteps of similar cases. The reality is that no two cases are the same, and each needs a unique approach for the best outcome.

Suppose a potential sexual abuse lawyer attempts to bestow confidence in you by saying they know how to handle cases like yours. This response should raise a red flag regarding the level of experience and quality you’re pursuing in a lawyer.

Find sexual abuse lawyers who will take the necessary time it takes to truly listen to your case and formulate a strategy that is entirely specific to your needs.

4. Skipping Possible Referrals

Skipping Possible Referrals

If you know someone who has gone through a sexual assault case, be brave and reach out to them. See if they would recommend the sexual abuse lawyer they used in their case.

Even though every case is different, the honesty and transparency that you’ll get from friends, co-workers, and acquaintances are going to give you a more accurate idea of the lawyers you’re considering.

While the success of one case does not guarantee the success of another, knowing that you’ll be working with someone you can trust will give you the stamina and faith in your lawyer that you need to fight for your rights.

It may be challenging to speak vulnerably about your position, but to find the right lawyer, know that now is the time to lean on those in your life whose word you can count on.

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Hire The Right Lawyer

Given the complexity of sexual assault cases, the lawyers you consider should be case specialists who can provide you with a personal approach and can back up their smarts with a network of satisfied clients. Don’t wait until it’s too late; hire the right lawyer today.

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