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5 Ways a White Plains Car Accident Attorney Can Help After a Crash

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents occur in White Plains and New York at an alarming rate. According to NHTSA findings, around 943 fatalities occurred in 2018 in New York. According to White Plains car accident attorney, if you are injured in a car accident due to the other party’s negligence, you have the right to financial compensation for injuries and suffering. Here are five ways in which an accident attorney can help after a crash.

5 Ways a White Plains Car Accident Attorney Can Help After a Crash:

1. Handle the Insurance Company on Your Behalf

Insurance providers are in business to make money, and their agents are always looking for loopholes to avoid giving the full compensation you deserve. If you don’t have experience negotiating with the insurance company, it will be hard for you to assert your rights and make the right claim.

When a White Plains Car Accident Attorney represents you, it significantly impacts your insurance claim. The lawyer will handle the following things for you.

  • Handle all claim details on your behalf
  • Record verbal and prepare a written statement that serves your best interests
  • Represent you to get the maximum compensation you deserve

2. Establish Liability for Your Injuries

According to New York accident stats, around 1,153 people were killed in road accidents. One of the problematic parts of motor accident injury claims is establishing the liability for damages.

According to the US motor laws, individuals who are harmed in an accident due to the other party’s negligence have the right to compensation. However, both parties in the accidents try to twist facts and shift blame to each other.

A well-versed car accident injury would check all evidence and determine whose action caused injuries. If you were not at fault, the attorney would build a strong case in your favor.

3. Determine the Right Value of Injuries

Another complicated aspect of a motor accident injury claim is getting the right compensation. The attorney will assess the injuries and damages and put forth the correct value for the compensation.

The attorney has years of experience handling auto accident claims and can arrive at the right value of injuries after a thorough assessment. The accident claims lawyer will ensure you receive adequate compensation to settle current medical bills and any expenses arising due to the accident.

4. Work for a Fair Settlement

Insurance adjusters are always eager for a settlement. They are skilled negotiators who aim to secure their insurance company’s best interests by giving less compensation. Auto accident lawyers are expert negotiators and can beat the insurance adjusters in their own game.

Before you negotiate a settlement with your insurance adjuster, bring in an experienced auto accident claims attorney. The attorney will ensure you get the compensation you deserve and nothing less.

5. File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

As per the NY Traffic Safety data 2012, there were 294,851 car crashes in 2011, and 64,791 resulted in severe personal injuries. Suppose the insurance company does not agree with a fair settlement. In that case, the White Plains car accident attorneys can help file a personal injury lawsuit to ensure you get the rightful compensation.

To sum up, these are five ways an accident claim attorney can help after a crash.

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