All You Ned to Know about Forgerock Identity Platform

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Forgerock Identity Platform

ForgeRock Identity Platform is the first open source solution for identity and access management. It is also 100% commercial and includes the following:

  • OpenAM – For access management
  • OpenIDM – For user administration
  • OpenDJ – For directory services

The term ForgeRock Identity Platform is used due to its complete Java Architecture. Built meticulously from the ground up, this platform serves as an incorporated, modular system in conjunction with its shared service components. All of these components are easily accessible through REST APIs.

The whole process allows the user during various phases of deployment, including the following listed below:

– Implementation

– Development

– Management

At present, the platform of ForgeRock Identity Platform has more than 250,000 downloads in over 135 nations all over the world. It has many thousands of community members who keep on making substantial contributions every day. These contributions are of huge importance for business owners. One of the major benefits is that they can develop and provide innovative services that run very fast and cost relatively low. The process and benefits together will boost overall efficiency when a common platform is utilized for identity services towards creating reusable business processes and controls.

As per industry experts, it is revealed that the ForgeRock Identity Platform is capable of removing almost all types of complex issues related to underlying services with varied tiers of API abstraction. One can easily make use of lightweight interfaces while guaranteeing use of APIs for creating a variety of web applications.

This is also beneficial for developers as it helps them invoke services in OpenAM such as authentication and authorization.

Developers can also carry out the following processes for identifying data subjects and data within the OpenIDM data store:

– Perform

– Delete

– Create

– Update

ForgeRock Consulting

Businesses can get a lot of benefit from the Open Identity Platform of ForgeRock. All they need to do is exploit the expertise and experience of experts in this field and get maximum benefits. Reaching out to experts is a good way to integrate ForgeRock infrastructure effectively in businesses design, management and deployment.

A reputed consultancy service will help you reach varied targets and goals. Whether it is about getting an experienced architect to plan and carry forward implementation or boost your existing staff with skilled engineers, consultancy services can help you undertake and accomplish the project successfully.

Most reputed Forgerock consulting services have structured the ForgeRock Identity Platform from the scratch. They have also designed from the beginning as an integrated model to incorporate with any of the client’s digital services.

These services also ensure end-to-end capability designed specifically for rising into the billions. It is quite effective for business owners aiming at supporting their clients for years to come. Clients can easily make out if these services have been specifically structured keeping in mind their convenience, goals, and benefits.

A standard ForgeRock Identity platform will include the following:

– Critical security patches

– 24/7 support

– Maintenance ensured by ForgeRock

Projects with ForgeRock Open Source

It is possible to access open source projects related to ForgeRock through Github. This is an easier option for those like to get accustomed with, contribute to, and use open source offerings. The best examples of these open source projects include:

– OpenAM – For Access Management

– OpenIG – For Identity Gateway

– OpenDJ – For Directory Services

– OpenIDM – For Identity Management

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