For the Love of Lobster – Prepping for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and there’s no better way to show that special someone how you feel than a romantic meal. For so many people, the key to the heart is through the stomach, as the saying goes – but if you’ve fallen for a foodie, then you’ll need up your culinary game to make a strong impression.

Buying a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a dozen red roses may seem tried and true, but due to this popularity, many find these gifts to be boring and cliché. To those who believe it’s the thought that counts in gift-giving, common things will not impress. If you really want the object of your heart’s desire to take notice, you’ve got to be unique.

When it comes to food, the best way to show you care in a new and special way is to skip the pricy restaurant. For many, a meal at a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day is every bit as cliché as roses and chocolate.

This year, why not stay at home and create a cozy and intimate experience with your loved one by cooking a dish that they may have never had at home before? If you’re up for an impressive culinary challenge, then a fresh lobster meal might be the perfect way to go this Valentine’s Day!

Now that you can get high-quality lobsters sent to your home in just about every part of the United States, you can prepare and serve a feast like no other. When you get your lobster shipped overnight by an expert delivery service, you’ll be eating better lobster than you can find at any restaurant outside of New England!

Once you’ve got your lobster ordered, and you’ve picked out a delicate side dish, you might want to consider which of your favorite white wines will pair best with your meal. For lobster, it never hurts to pick a fine chardonnay, but a sauvignon blanc will also work if that’s your preference. For Valentine’s Day, however, you might prefer to go with the theme and choose a sumptuous rosé.

While a plain, old heart-shaped box of chocolates might seem cliché to some, chocolate itself should never be overlooked. And why not take every opportunity you can to show off your ability to stand out and your penchant for wonderful creations in the kitchen? If you’re looking for dessert options to follow your meal, you might consider a rich chocolate tart. Alternatively, a chocolate fondue served with fresh fruit is easy to make and can create a fun and romantic sharing experience!

With a delicious gourmet meal of fresh lobster, fine wine, and rich chocolate all planned out, your intimate evening in is sure to be a success! The only thing you might consider adding to this plan is a heartfelt gift and perhaps a few delicate touches to perfect the romantic setting. Regarding these details, however, we’ll leave it all up to you!

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