Finding the perfect gift for your partner can be rough! It seems like every year social media encourages us to go all out and find a unique gift, that’s also inexpensive, and full of meaning… It's a lot of pressure! But there are a few timeless and classic gifts that are sure to wow year after year! Take a look at our list of the 5 top timeless gifts to impress your partner with and make your next birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day extra special!

1. An Evening Dress

1. An Evening Dress

There’s nothing more romantic than giving your partner a gorgeous evening dress and then taking her out for a night on the town! If you need a little inspiration on what kinds of dresses your partner might like, try checking out your partner’s wardrobe and look for common colors, styles, or patterns to gain an idea of what kind of styles she likes.

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 2. Diamond Jewelry

 2. Diamond Jewelry

They say diamonds are forever and that’s probably why they make such popular gifts! Each and every year, the average price spent on a diamond ring in the USA is $7,75. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend serious cash like that to give your partner a lovely diamond gift. If the real thing isn’t in your budget, or you simply want to make a more budget-friendly choice, try a moissanite stone!

Moissanite is the name given to a laboratory-grown mineral that is indistinguishable from a real diamond. Seriously, you need to see it to believe it! Because of its amazing durability, moissanite can be found in a vast variety of cuts and settings. Not only is moissanite available in rings but you can also choose moissanite studs, bracelets, and earrings! The best part? Moissanite jewelry costs only a fraction of the price of a real diamond but looks just as luxurious!

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3. A Classic Watch

A watch is literally a timeless gift! Not only is a watch practical but it’s also a gift that will never go out of style. A great watch can be expensive so if you’re opting for this as a gift get ready to splurge a little! If you’re worried about choosing the wrong style, opt for a gift certificate to a jeweler and allow the giftee to choose a style for themselves.

Just make sure that your partner would actually like to wear a watch before purchasing one. There’s nothing worse than buying a costly gift for someone that ends up sitting in a drawer!

4. A Bouquet of Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers

Not every gift has to be super expensive to make a big impact! Have you ever given your partner a bouquet of flowers? Flowers, especially roses, have long been a symbol of love and adoration. Don’t forget, flowers aren’t just for women! Many men would love to receive flowers every once in a while too, so consider buying them for your husband or boyfriend for your next special occasion.

When picking out the perfect bouquet, consider the meaning of the flowers you choose.

  • Red roses are a romantic choice that conveys love.
  • Purple hyacinths and yellow carnations were often used to express sympathy after a loss.
  • Daffodils were a popular choice to give to friends.

Whichever bouquet you choose, make sure it’s animal friendly if your partner has pets Some common flowers found in bouquets can harm domestic animals, so double check before gifting your gift.

 5. A thoughtful card

 5. A thoughtful card


With screens taking over the way we communicate, heartfelt cards are quickly becoming obsolete. When’s the last time you received an actual letter or greeting card? If you’re looking for a timeless gift that will impress your loved ones, try a handwritten note or a thoughtful card. It’s a classic gift that allows you to express how you really feel, in your own words. Your partner is sure to swoon!

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