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How Lab-Created Diamonds Could Change the Jewelry Industry

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

lab-created Diamonds

The diamond—consisting of approximately 99.95 percent carbon—is the only jewel composed of one element. One trace element or many can make up the 0.05 percent that remains. While these atoms don’t constitute parts of a diamond’s essential chemical properties, some of them can affect the color or shape of a diamond.

An iconic fixture in popular culture for decades, the diamond remains popular, especially as a gift. Diamond jewelry can be fitting when people seek an engagement ring for a fiancé or fiancée or want to give someone a new bracelet for their year anniversary.

A 2020 WeddingWire report revealed that diamond was the most popular ring feature for couples married in 2019. Eighty-seven percent of engagement rings were diamond rings. Today, people may consider more affordable, environmentally conscious alternatives to real diamonds that don’t raise ethical concerns: lab-created diamonds. Lab diamonds remain comparable in size and quality to natural diamonds but generally cost approximately 30 percent less, increasing their popularity. Described below are ways lab diamonds differ from natural diamonds and how they could change the jewelry industry.

Lab-grown diamonds: what are they?

Lab diamonds are stones scientists make using robust technology to reproduce the Earth’s natural diamond growth process in an ecologically safe way. Experts estimate that one carat of natural diamond requires digging up over 200 tons of Earth, which emits approximately 143 pounds of carbon dioxide and more than two-thousand ounces of air pollution. Scientists can create an environment of high temperatures and pressure to encourage lab diamond growth. The stones grow per layer under specific gasses, heat, and pressure conditions based on the technology and process utilized. Creating diamonds in the lab takes a matter of weeks, whereas it can take diamonds billions of years to form naturally.

Expert diamond cutters cut, facet, and polish lab-created diamonds before they get a classification. Gemologists provide independent analysis and grading of lab-created diamonds just as they do with actual diamonds. The lab method of creating diamonds results in stones similar to natural ones, enabling diamond companies such as Agape Diamonds to provide beautiful, high-quality Oval, Round, Pear, Emerald, Cushion, or Princess-shaped lab diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds can bolster the jewelry industry.

While experts estimate that the worldwide diamond jewelry market reached approximately $80 billion as of 2019, the industry has also experienced a decline of nearly two percent less than that of the previous year. Still, lab-created diamonds are an industry development that enjoys steady growth. Industry projections have the lab-created diamond market reaching over five billion dollars by 2023, an estimated 22 percent growth from its value of almost two billion dollars in 2018. According to experts, lab-created diamonds can reach between five and ten percent of the global diamond supply by 2035.

Advancements in technology that can enhance lab diamonds’ production are likely to drive the lab-created diamond market’s growth and take the diamond industry and jewelry fashion industry by storm. Creating diamonds in the lab is an efficient process that can impress eco-conscious customers looking for an environmentally sound piece of jewelry.

Lab diamonds have established themselves as high-quality, sustainable, reliable stones. The positive response to lab diamonds on the market demonstrates that these gems are strong contenders in the jewelry market that are here to stay. Agape Diamonds reviews, for instance, show customers’ satisfaction with lab diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds people purchase from Agape Diamonds are not only gorgeous and high-quality, but they’re also conflict-free. Agape Diamonds is a trusted company that provides customers with a certificate of authenticity for each purchase. Customers seeking a new ring can get what they’re looking for from Agape Diamonds, as this Tampa jeweler only sells new jewelry, allowing people to enjoy unique diamond earrings, engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and loose stones.

Agape Diamonds is transparent about the diamonds they offer, disclosing to customers if their diamond is natural or lab-grown. Whether someone prefers lab-grown diamonds to natural ones and vice versa, buying jewelry from this company guarantees them that their choice will have abundant brilliance and be a uniquely cut, satisfactory conflict-free stone.

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