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Kay Flock age

Are you searching for Kay Flock age? If your answer is a YES, then you have reached the right place.

There are many musicians and rappers in the United States, and needless to say, most of them are quite young. However, they are trying their best to take the spotlight and come out as strong and popular as possible through their hard work and talent. One of them is Kevin Perez, who is popularly known as Kay Flock.

Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about Kay Flock age and other information about his life…

Answering The Question, “What Is Kay Flock Age?”

What Is Kay Flock Age

Professionally known as Kevin Parez, Kay Flock is a popular rapper and songwriter from the United States of America. He is considered to be one of the rising stars in the music and entertainment industry. The popularity that he has achieved till now, takes a lot of time and years of experience. However, he has achieved all that in quite a young age.

Are you curious about Kay Flock age? If yes, then I have the tea for you!

Kay Flock was born in the year 2003. He turned twenty on 20 April 2023. That is correct! He is still too young. However, is that stopping him from achieving what he is trying to get? Not at all! Rather, he is focused and dedicated towards achieving his dreams through his diligence and talent.

Keep reading this blog till the end to learn more about Kay Flock and his life…

Kay Flock: Wiki/Biography!

Kay Flock Wiki Biography!

Now that you know about Kay Flock age, it is time for you to learn about the life of the musician and artist. Take a quick look at the chart to get a better understanding about the bio of Kay Flock:

NameKay Flock
Real NameKevin Perez
Date Of Birth20 April 2003
Current AgeTwenty Years (20)
Place Of BirthBelmont, The Bronx, New York, United States
Current ResidenceBelmont, The Bronx, New York, United States
Years Active2020–Present
Net Worth1 Million Dollars

Now that you know a little about Kay Flock, it is time for you to take a deeper look at his life. Scroll down to know more…

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Kay Flock: Who Is He?

Kay Flock Who Is He

You must have heard the song “Shake It.” Do you want to know who the singer or rapper is behind this popular hit? Well, it is none other than Kay Flock.

The American rapper Kay Flock, whose real name is Kevin Perez, began his musical career in 2020 and rose to fame with many singles, most notably “Shake It.” He is from the Bronx and released his mixtape, with which he debuted, The D.O.A. Tape, in 2021.

Although he is very popular now, that is not how his career or his life started. Take a look at this article to get a better understanding and knowledge of his life…

Personal Life

Personal Life

Kevin Perez was born in Belmont, Bronx, New York, on 20 April, 2003. He later referred to the neighborhood where he grew up as “dangerous.”

Jackie is the name of the rapper’s mother, but no one knows who his father is till date. The identity of Flock’s father seems to remain a mystery. Flock’s mother says that he didn’t like music when he was young and that he wanted to become a designer.

He is cousins with individual New York City drill rapper Dthang Gz, named Daniel Collins. Johnny Hernandez, a fellow NYC drill rapper like Perez, is his half-brother. Their father is the same.



Kay Flock began his career as a musician in the year 2020 when the Pandemic was on the rise. His first song that he ever released was FTO. This one was a major hit. Next came his debut mixtape which was titled The D.O.A. Tape in 2021.

According to All Music, he “grew up listening to the likes of Chief Keef and the late L’A Capone before dabbling in production and rapping himself.” However, he probably burst into the music scene when he released his track “Shake It” which was a mega collaboration with popular artists and rapper Cardi B in the year 2022.

Flock has been referred to as a driller besides being considered a rapper by many. This is mainly because of his unique blend of rap and drill music, which combines the storytelling and the clever wordplay of traditional rap music with the street-oriented, aggressive style of drill music.



In case you are curious about his songs, I have a list of the discography of this talented youtube star that you must know about. Take a look:

Opp Spotter2020
Brotherly Love2021
T Cardi2021
Being Honest2021
Is Ya Ready2021
Being Honest (Remix)2021
Shake It2022
Make a Movie2022
Brotherly Love (Pt. 2)2022
Geeked Up2022

Kay Flock Net Worth

Kay Flock Net Worth

In case you are curious about the net worth of the rapper, I have the answer for you.

According to sources, Kay Flock has a net worth of around 1 million dollars as of now. Most of his income comes from the music that he releases as well as the part that he receives from the label.

He also makes his money through his mix-tapes and the streams that he gets on the music streaming platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify as well as the video streaming platform, YouTube.

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Wrapping It Up!

In case you wanted to know about Kay Flock age, I hope that this article has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, please feel free to let me know.

All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the end of this page and then leave your queries and doubts in the comment box below. And I will be there to answer them all as soon as possible.

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