Al Pacino at 83 sets to embrace fatherhood

Al Pacino At 83 Sets To Embrace Fatherhood With 29-Year-Old Girlfriend

author-img By Rishab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Al Pacino at 83 sets to embrace fatherhood

The veteran actor Al Pacino’s news of fatherhood came just weeks after Robert De Niro, another veteran actor, announced the birth of his seventh child with girlfriend Tiffany Chen on May 11th. De Niro became a father at 79; however, Al Pacino beats him.

As reported, Al Pacino, the Oscar-winning actor, has been dating Noof Alfallah since April 2022. They were first seen having dinner while Page Six has claimed that the pair have been dating since the pandemic. Noor Alfallah is the 29-year-old girlfriend who is currently eight months pregnant.

The news was first published by TMZ, which was then confirmed by the reps of Al Pacino. The delivery date is somewhere between late June and early July. Noor Alfallah comes from a family that owns money and is a producer of films.

Before Al Pacino, Noor dated men like billionaire Nicolas Berggruen and musician Mick Jagger. She mostly dated older men and had a good relationship with Al Pacino. Before Noor Alfallah, Al has three children; the eldest is Julie Marie, with acting coach Beverly D’Angelo.

He has twins, Olivia Rose and Anton James, from actor Jan Tarrant. He has never been married. In an interview in 2014, Al Pacino once said he is responsible for his children and a part of their lives.

He added that when he is absent from his children’s lives, it is upsetting for them and him. This interview is getting fervid as it marks the humanity of the actor and the way it impacts his outlook.

One of the significant upcoming projects of Al Pacino is Assassination, a film based on the murder of John F. Kennedy, former US president, directed by Davi Mamet. He will act alongside John Travolta, Viggo Mortensen, Shia LaBeouf, Courtney Love, and Rebecca Pidgeon.Deadline has reported that the film will start production in September in Canada. The focus will be on the hit ordered by Sam Giancana, the Chicago mob kingpin, as a payback for JFK as he undermined the mob once he was elected with their help.

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